Spotify Reaches 50 Million Paid Subscribers, Keeps Strong Lead Over Apple Music


On Thursday, Spotify announced that it has reached a milestone of 50 million paid subscribers. With this announcement the music streaming company is keeping a strong lead over Apple, its main competitor in the market.

Spotify has added an additional 10 million subscribers in just 5 months. Spotify didn’t immediately say how many people are now using its free, ad-based tier, but in June last year, the company topped 100 million total users at a time when it had just 30 million paid customers.

Back in December, Apple reported over 20 million Apple Music subscribers. Those users were gained in a period of 17 months, whereas Spotify took 7 years to reach that level. Last month, Apple executive Eddy Cue said that Apple Music had well over 20 million subscribers, but declined to provide any specific numbers.

The two services share many features in common, such as curated playlists, but Apple has placed more of an emphasis on exclusives.

[via CNET]



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  • Salvador

    You have to consider the fact that apple subscriber are 100% voluntarily paying for that service while Spotify subscriber are not all paying the service. In my home we are two paying subscribers (premium users) but we don’t pay for that: it’s included as part of our cellphone line with Fido. We have no choice other than having Spotify premium. We rather prefer to have a cheaper cellphone plan without out Spotify.

    We also pay for Apple Music family plan and that is what we use.

    So, if Spotify has double apple subscriber base, it’s not because people love them more. It’s because they got deals with all kind of providers that give users the service free as part of their plans.

  • So Young

    The article says 50 million paid subscriber so I presume they compare between paid members

  • Michal

    spotify <3

  • Tony The Tiger

    Obviously they have a strong lead over Apple Music – Apple Music is only available on Apple devices, while Spotify can be used on anything, including web browsers.

  • Corey Beazer

    How many of those Spotify subscribers are joining for the 3 month promotion (3 months for 9.99) and then unsubscribing?
    I know I’ve used that offer 3 times the past few years.

  • Salvador

    I’m not talking about the “free” accounts. What I mean is that I’m counted as a paid subscriber BECAUSE Fido pays for my account and gave it to me for free as part as my cellphone plan. So, those 50 MM subscribers are FAKE. I didn’t chose to have that account, I’m forced to have it (and counted as paid subscriber) even if I don’t use it.

  • cayaguy

    Apple Music is available on android as well.

  • karinatwork

    I have Spotify through my cellphone plan. But Spotify’s interface is bringing me to tears. It is so bloody complicated and messy. I am very picky with my apps (yes, slightly OCD) and Apple Music is so much cleaner and easier to use for me. And it’s learning fast what I like and dislike. And on the classical music department, Apple Music seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of Spotify.

  • imtxic

    You weren’t forced to have Spotify. You made the choice to go to the Fido webpage and request to have the code to sign up with a premium Spotify account. My spouse has it offered to him as part of his Fido plan but never signed up for it.