StockNerd for iOS Offers Free Stock and Portfolio Tracking


StockNerd is a new stock market and portfolio tracking iOS app for people interested in long term investments. While there are a number of stock apps for active traders, StockNerd specifically focuses on index fund investors. “After having friends and family members get ripped off by financial advisors with crazy fees, our team decided to create an app to help people learn about low fee index fund investing”, said Jon Hundley, CEO of StockNerd.


The app is 100% free with no ads or in-app purchases. Although Mr. Hundley told us that they’ll “think about adding in-app purchases at some point maybe in 6 months or so, but for now we’re just trying to build up users so we’re keeping it totally free.  We won’t remove any functionality we already have.”

Below are some of the main features of StockNerd:

  • Track stocks, tickers, ETFs, & index mutual funds.
  • Create and track your own investment portfolio and see how it performs over time.
  • Compare your investment portfolios to others.
  • Discuss investing, mutual funds, and finance with other StockNerd users. Chat about investing.
  • See what index fund portfolios, stocks, and funds other people use and watch their performance.

You can grab the app for free using the following App Store link:

Download StockNerd for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [Direct Link]


  • Nick

    For an app that is promoted on a Canadian website, it would be great if it would show stocks listed with a Canada Stock Exchange… Try searching for Air Canada or Bombardier…

  • RadioFlyer427

    It only works for US exchanges. I contacted the developer and he intends to include other exchanges. The program has some promise so i will keep it and wait for updates.

  • Dylan Mahes

    This app is useless… i can’t find simple stocks on here. I’m sticking with yahoo Finance.

  • chopstix21

    Do you know if this app or company is still up and running? App hasn’t been able to load for weeks!!