Now You Can Store and Play Podcasts on Apple Watch


Watch Player is an iOS app that allows you to easily transfer your favourite podcasts from iPhone to Apple Watch, enabling you to store them locally on your wearable. You can now take your Apple Watch and run with your favorite podcast while leaving the iPhone at home. All you need to do is subscribe to a podcast in the app, download the episode and transfer it to the Apple Watch (via iDownloadBlog).


The free app lest you directly transfer the podcast episodes from your iPhone to your Apple Watch, without having to go through the annoying transmission process required for iTunes synching. 

Transferred podcasts can then be listened to on your Apple Watch without a direct connection to the iPhone. You can also enjoy these podcasts in the background on your Apple Watch, while simultaneously running the workout app. 

You can grab the free app using the following App Store link:

Download Watch Player for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch [Direct Link]


  • tomm

    I have downloaded this app into my itunes on the computer and I have the option to download onto the iphone ON as well, however it does not show up on my iphone and if I search for it on the app store on iphone, it does not find it, I have tried to search for both Watch Player and Watchplayer weird

  • Dave

    I’ve been using this app for over a month now. Love it, works great. Make sure you get the one by Peter Knapp.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    No thanks, I’m sticking with my 6th gen Apple iPod nano. 16GB vs only 8 on the new Apple watch. Days of battery life and the BEST podcast experience. The 2X speed has to be heard to be believed – it uses some sort of sorcery to make it sound perfectly normal, but somehow magically you can listen to double the podcasts you normally would. No other 2X speed I’ve ever heard is even close to sounding as good as it does on this product. Seriously, if you’re into podcasts as I am, do yourself a favour and grab one of these off eBay – they’re amazing.