Telus Releases iPhone 4 Pricing


The iPhone 4 launch is happening LIVE in Canada as we speak. Here in Vancouver, the line up is about 300 deep and Pacific Centre will open its doors at 6AM PST.

Rogers released their iPhone 4 prices, then Bell, and now Telus. Here are the prices–which aren’t a big surprise:

3 year contract pricing:
16GB iPhone 4: $159
32GB iPhone 4: $269

Outright pricing, locked:
16GB iPhone 4: $649
32GB iPhone 4: $749

No iPad sharing plans that I can find.

More to come…



  • Surfsk8slide

    any chance an Apple gift card would be valid at one of the Big 3's retail outlets, instead of having to go to an apple store?

  • DeMar

    Wonder if 6GB for $30 is offered by Telus too

  • ftelus

    are offering anything for current iphone users like roger or fido??? like a upgrade?

  • Guess

    I can't believe no other carrier has announced competitive data plans — I am contract free and may need to switch to Rogers as Telus hasn't stepped-up with any real information – was offered 1GB for $60!

  • Lodai

    Telus online is showing iPhone4 32 GB OOS

  • Don

    No ONLY Rogers customers get upgrades. People who were foolish to go with Telus/Bell myself included(Bell) get the shaft.

  • DeMar

    When did they offer you 1GB for $60? And second, have you considered Bell as well?

  • Nick

    I called Telus yesterday and they offered me a pretty decent plan for about $85 if i switched from Rogers, then I called Rogers and told them i was going to switch and they offered me an even better plan for around the same price. They even offered me a plan with unlimited airtime and text and 6 gigs data for $97, but i didn't take it because it didn't include my5.

  • Nick

    And now i'm waiting in the damn lineup at the ferry terminal to go from Victoria to Vancouver.. Might not make it for the 7am sailing even though i was here at 6. Hope there's still phones at 10:30 which is when I'll get there if I miss the 7 (9:30 if i make the 7)… any thoughts? Gary thought my chances were good, but I'm not so sure about that if there's already 300 people in line outside Pacific Centre.. Hope I'm not wasting my money on the ferry

  • SomeGuy123


  • good luck hope you get one for the efforts..i am going to wait a few more months for the white version and hopefully miss all this madness today.

  • MR

    It should be noted that Virgin has followed suit and is offering the same pricing and plans as everyone else.

  • iPhone4crazy

    If you have unlimited talk and text what do you need my5 for?

  • MR

    That's a bummer. It seems that Rogers customers effectively get to sign a new contract every 2 years in order to get upgrade pricing… that's a big plus. I tend to have better reception with Bell, but Rogers still looks like the best option to me.

  • Nick

    Long distance. Most of my calls are to my my5 people anyway and I travel a lot

  • wargamer17

    Yeah when people see unlimited talk they think that includes long distance but infact it's only unlimited local talk. It sucks because most of the time I use the phone for talk is when I'm traveling.

  • DeMar

    How is Virgin's service? Do they share a network with Bell/Telus?

  • Waddy

    Bell has an Ipad sharing add on for thir Iphone plans for only $10 more

  • Chrome262

    or Fido, i know its similar to rogers, but the per second billing really comes in handy. Plus they aren’t complete asses when it comes to customer service. they actually hate being part of rogers.

  • Chrome262

    or Fido, i know its similar to rogers, but the per second billing really comes in handy. Plus they aren’t complete asses when it comes to customer service. they actually hate being part of rogers.

  • nd

    i am also wondering if Telus will be offering 6gb for $30 – if not i'm switching !

  • Vince To

    hmm question… if i do not currently own an iphone, (so i have a normal, old, voice phone only) am i still eligible to upgrade to the iphone 4 for only $159 considering that my contract meets the minimum term requirements?

  • LoLo D

    There's a disclaimer at the bottom of the iPhone 4 32GB product page:

    “‡ Available until August 3, 2010, for clients who activate or renew on a 3 year term with a Voice and Data rate plan of $50 or greater. TELUS reserves the right to modify eligible rate plans with this offer at any time without advance notice.”

    Seems to be the same idea as Rogers' 6GB deal but I can't find where it denotes to……

  • LoLo D

    I asked my regular Telus dealer the same question yesterday. If you have the 3 year term optional upgrade pricing offered on your account, you can upgrade. Usually kicks in about 6 months before the end of your current term. I have 5 months left on mine & he said it will be fine.

  • Drunkenrobot

    Line at Ottawa's Rideau Centre is around the corner, past Sears, up to the parking garage, down the ramp and to the street….

  • Trini

    whooo hoooo… got my 1st Iphone… pretty excited.. now just have to make it through the work-day!

  • Guest

    Just avoid Telus at all costs.. They're the worst carrier right now out of Rogers/Bell/Fido. The worst by far.

  • Laura

    Went to Rogers at 6AM and was first in line! They only had 11 iphone in stock and DID NOT offer me the 6GB plan for $30. They said there won't be any over data charges for the first 2 months anyways and they were so busy I didn't want to fight it. I can always call in tomorrow for the 6GB plan. I'm so happy to have it in my hands, totally worth lining up at 6 to be the first one in!

  • MR

    Yes, it's Bell's network. I've heard they're very inflexible when it comes to retention plans, however.

  • hub2

    What makes them that much worse than the others?

  • Guest

    Just thought I would mention, regardless of when you signed your last 3 yr contract, the new 3 yr discounted contract price only applies to current Iphone users.
    I have an Iphone 2g unlock and the cost for me with a new 3 yr contract (because mine expired in Jan10) is $649! Guess I'll have to wait a while before I can get the discounted price. 🙁

  • Guest

    Yea Rogers is twice as good as Telus or more.. Better plans and promotions, Telus just want to shaft you any way they can.

  • Guest

    Not with Rogers! I have a blackberry and my contract expired in 2008! I would have to pay 649. The 159 deal is only for existing Iphone users.

  • G-little

    Lmao, I went to the telus store 20 mins before it opened, no lines, got the first iphone 4 in 20 mins 🙂

  • Don

    Yeah I fully agree with you Bell has amazing reception and I really like that but Rogers has the MUCH better deals. I wish I went with them to begin with, looks like it's going to be a yearly ting with them allowing people to upgrade early, I am definitely switching to Rogers as soon as I can. Bell pushed this customer away.

  • It seems Canadian's are a little less “obsessed” with the phone than our neighbors to the South. Glad to hear you got your phone without trouble.

  • I haven't been with the others, but I was with Telus on a dumb phone and they screwed me over whenever they could. After my “minutes expired” (ughh), I just said screw this and stopped buying any more minutes. They sent me messages for months, but I was too sick of them. Every little thing has a fee, an additional charge, a small hidden payment… I was sick of dealing with crooks, and I told them so.

  • Sean

    I think you'll be fine going to PAC centre at that time. As for me I can't go till 5pm today and I'm hoping to get a 32gb

  • David-George Oldham

    The rogers in st-laurent at Ottawa was having issues where anyone who was 159/269 eligible was only eligible for 399/499. Anyone who was eligible for 399/499 pricing was only eligible for 649/779. They say “sales centre” (there upgrade tool?) is having issues. I was there at 6 A.M and was 3rd in line. I was told that the problem is going to be rectified by 12 P.M and I can go there on my lunch break to pick it up… So skeptical about this whole thing. Customer service has gone down so much, the only thing a representative cares about is how much commision is in it for them… Very dissapointed in my carrier…

  • I know this is a general question, but who is the cheapest provider to go with? I don't need long-distance, texting, or any of that junk.

  • Houtan_trip


  • D-Man

    Was the 6GB data plan being offered by Telus? No one seems to have any information on that for those of us who want to pick up an iPhone4 on the Telus network…

  • Cashinstinct

    With the bad plans Telus offers, no wonder nobody got there.

    (Current Telus customer no-contract, only found Telus iPhone today at FS-BB-Telus, did not take it, waiting for serious offers for plans).

  • Josephwunder

    First iphone, so got to the mall at 6am, expecting a tone of people, and i was right there was…at rogers, but telus had nobody! so i was first!

  • LoLo D

    Did you get the 16GB? The rumour is that none of the Telus stores will have the 32GB today. 🙁

  • Juice

    Anyone try and add a data package to an existing corporate plan with their new iphone? I was told by several ppl at bell and in store that I could add 500mb of data to my existing regular phone plan. I just called bell yesterday and was told no way! I have to get an iphone plan so i cannot use my corporate plan….which is an amazing plan!

  • MR

    Virgin Mobile.

  • MR

    That doesn't make any sense. The $159/269 offer is for anyone as far as I know. Who told you otherwise?

  • RickyB

    i love it how i went to a telus store, and they didnt have any phones….in the entire city i live in

  • Attanasi0

    With Telus you can share your microSIM with your iPad, they are the same.

  • FHphoto

    Just picked it up. The $65 voice and data plan which used to come with 1GB now comes 6GB.

  • Fgdf

    I have been waiting in line for 2.5 hours at Montreal's flagship Fido store, before I have been told that they are sold out. This is very frustrating since that could have done a better job at managing expectations. Since they got their shipment yesterday, they should at least put a note saying how many they have. They had around 50 overall (16 and 32 GB). Fido’s customer service is becoming as bad as Bell’s.

  • I called Telus this morning, I have 14 months left on a 3 yr blackberry contract, trying to get an offer on an Iphone 4. I had had an offer for $300 off a 3GS about 4 months ago, so I figured I could at least get the same offer for the 4. They told me they are only dealing with new customers or people with less than 6 months left on their contract, they wouldn't eve put me through to the dept that deals with it, and told me to call back “in a few days”. Oh, and I only called this morning because I called last night after I guess the right department was closed, and they told me to try this morning. I think my next call will be to cancel my Telus contract, ETF or not.

  • Whitingrj

    So what are the benefits of paying more for the outright pricing? WIll I be able to use it on any carrier? Can someone help me? I'm kind of confused.

  • Mike S

    Anyone try to drop a call yet or see the bars magicly vanish? I heard there is going to be no attena issues with the canadian shipments and that there was a internal fix with these. True or not dont know but I would love to hear from you guys how it works.

  • Mike S

    Anyone try to get a dropped call yet or see if they could make there bars vanish into air. Just wondering, only heard that Canada isnt going to see the issues that down south came across. Would love to hear from you guys who have it and played with it how it sounds and works so far.

  • Allan

    Got my iPhone this morning 4 of us waited and they had 9 phones in total. Rogers 4 , telus 5. When I left at 10:45 they had 4 telus16gb left. got the only 32gb from telus. Bestbuy Stoney creek.

  • D-Man


  • Meg

    I LOVE my iphone 4!! Got it from my Bell store…I was first in line. They weren't selling for hardware upgrades, they had some bogus waiting list. But luckily I talked to a nice guy yesterday who put one aside for me. I wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Gary and Ex for all of the awesome information. I survived my first iPhone launch thanks to you guys!

  • Cashinstinct

    YMMV – I was told by a Bestbuy rep that 65-80-100 Telus voice-data plans now included Visual Voicemail.

    Were you informed of that? Do you know if you got it in $65 plan?


  • K306

    I'm in Windsor. Can't get through to Devonshire Mall location, so I have no idea if there's a line up or not. But, I did call a couple other locations and they only got SEVEN! Can you imagine? They're all sold out already!! There's going to be alot of pissed off line sitters!

  • Baberuth3

    just got email from telus 2 mins ago telling me that they have the iphone 4 wow thanks for the updates i had no idea…idiots…lol went to my small town store and they said they were not in yet and wouldn't be until 3pm or so but that doesn't matter cause my wifes the main person on the account sucks to be me!!! hopefully she gets of work early and we can go over and grab 2 of the 5 phones that will be coming! very dissapointed at the lack of stock . they should've just pushed the date back to help with supply and demand!

  • Scott

    If you are a corporate client and want an iphone 4 today don't bother. Telus has not got their sh*t together as usual and do not have corporate offers available at this time thus making it impossible to get an iphone 4. I called Telus corporate channel support and they do not have an idea as to when this may be fixed. Same thing as the original Telus iphone launch. Duh…You would think that Telus would value their corporate clients a little more than this.

  • WhyKlef

    That's it, Telus lost my money today. I've switched to Bell. When I called Telus this morning, I demanded to know what would they be offering for their data plan, tPhey asked that I call back during the day saying that I wouldn't find iPhone because today is the launch that I should've called them.

    I call back at 9AM, after waiting 20mins on the phone, I have a “client satisfaction” rep or something putting down the idea that I will find a iPhone since I won't say which company is offering better promotions. I finally end up telling him that Rogers AND Bell offer the 6GB for 30$ and that first and foremost before talking plans, I want to know if they will meet with this. The guy said no despite me saying clearly that I would switch today. I said bye, went to Bell, bought the phone.

    Bye Telus.

  • WhyKlef

    They told me the same thing to tell me in the end that they would not offer 6GB for 30$ and that it will be there usual plans. I got this at Bell and cancelled with Telus today:

    350 Minutes
    Night & Week-end starting at 18hr
    Unlimited Text, Call Display, Video Messages, Call Messages
    Data 6GB

    All for 85$ a month plus taxes, no special deals here, they should be able to offer it in any Bell store and also, I hand up saving more since Telus wouldn't give me a better price on the phone. Telus disappointed me far enough, not the first time they insult me as a customer.

  • Baberuth3

    have you heard anything else about telus in our area i 'm in the creek as well and gonna try grimsby first but after that any other ideas?

  • Jacob

    Who would you guys go with for a plan ? The only thing I need is unlimited text messages, and something for 50-70 bucks. The extra date would be nice too. I was going to go with Telus but it doesn't sound too good right now from their party. Any suggestions on a plan would be appreciated guys!

  • GH

    too bad Telus' promo stuff in the stores says that they were going to charge 199 and 299. I am glad bell and rogers released their info first. douchy move telus!!

  • DAvid

    Visual voicemail is available on all iPhone plans from telus.

  • MR

    $50 with Virgin; unlimited text and picture messaging included.

  • MickeyKnox9

    So I talked to Telus a month ago and they said I can renew my contract early to get the discount on the iPhone 4.
    They tokl me I could wait until today to do it.

    Now they say I have to wait 4 – 6 weeks because I didn't take the offer that day.

    Boo Telus, Boo.

  • Megavividiot

    “All for 85$ a month plus taxes”

    lol, ridiculous what people think is a good deal these days. phones used to be free and cost $29.95/month unlimited eve and weekends.

  • Tyler

    I got the 32gb at the telus store i went too. got there at 830 and the store opened at 930. was the first to get one and they had 4 32's and 4 16's.

  • Natalie

    I'm in exactly the same boat as you (13 months left on a blackberry contract). I called last week and they said I could pay the 'penalization' fee to cancel my existing contract with them ($140, or about half of the ETF) and resign with them to get the discount price. Now I'm told the same as you, only new customers or existing customers with less than 6 months on their contracts. Can't believe they are disrespecting their existing customers so much! I'm seriously considering canceling with Telus right now as well. Who will you be going with, do you think? Or are you going to try to twist Telus' arm a little?

  • Jacob

    Sweet thanks!

  • Guess

    Bell was ridiculous to speak with – showed NO INTEREST in coming even close, in order to get a new 3 year (min) customer. offered $65 for 1GB + $30 additional, if I wanted 6GB. Since my initial message, I have worked out a new arrangement with Telus — Can't share specifics, but I'm off to get my iPhone 4 from them!!!!

  • JSoul

    FINALLY! I have my iphone 4. The only complaint is that they were not giving away the covers as stated, you have to pay $10 or order the free one from Apple. On the other hand with my FIDO $ and the extra 50 they gave me for re-signing this phone will only cost me $50. I also took advantage of the 6GB for $30 promotion they have on this week.

    Thank you iphone for keeping me in the loop while all others were silent.

  • anakinskg

    Just spoke with Telus. I'm not being offered a discount with 1 year remaining on my contract. I told them that I could save atleast $200 by cancelling my contract with them and buying with Bell or Rogers compared to the full price they are offering me. They still wouldn't give me a discount.

    I'm going to miss you Telus. I guess our 10 years together didn't mean anything to you – Sniff, sniff.

  • Lost

    I have a question here. If i buy an unlocked iphone and sign a 3 yr contract, will it be all of a sudden locked?. Do i get some sort of 500$ credit if i sign a contract without getting an iphone?

  • Sunny

    any update to the Ottawa line up?

  • DeadManMac

    Well, just got my iPone 4 from Telus. You have to pester them a bit, but this is what I managed to get from their loyalty and retention people.

    For $65 my plan includes:
    200 daytime mins
    6 PM evening and weekends
    Call ID
    Voicemail 10
    My 5 nation-wide
    250 texts outgoing, unlimited incoming
    And… wait for it… 6 GB of data.

    So I'm happy. No death grip issues so far (although I'm sure I have a really strong signal in downtown Vancouver). This phone is a beauty.

  • Fido on the west coast is only accepting new iPhone 4 orders. Old customers get nothing today. Nice.

  • Natalie

    How many years/months did you have left on your contract, and what kind of phone did you have before?

  • Fido on the West Coast are only accepting new iPhone 4 orders. “The system has crashed for renewals” we were told. Old customers get nothing today. Lineup of 9 people at local store on Main Street in Vancouver walked away with nothing. They had eight iPhone 4's (4x16GB, 4x32GB) in stock with a waiting list for those, none…well maybe one person was there in person from the waiting list.

  • DeadManMac

    I had 4 months left. Before the iPhone I had a crappy LG dumb-phone. I was playing $25 per month + SAF/911 charges before upgrading.

  • IphoneVirgin

    no if you buy your phone unlocked then your phone cannot just change into a locked phone. and you would not get a credit or reimbursement of any sort in doing so.

  • IphoneVirgin

    can anyone answer this?

    if i buy my phone unlocked from apple and want to add a data plan with fido, do they even have and will they offer me this 6gb for $30 deal everyone is talking about?

  • Don

    Good to hear man, I was with Telus and absolutely hated it. Which is why I went with Bell back in November and got my 3GS. The only thing I don't like is Bell is just like Telus for being strict to the max for upgrading. I wish they were as flexible as Rogers. Just got a text from Bell right now saying to download there new app that keeps track of data usage. Seach Bell in the app store:)

  • Ginecoweb

    excuse my ignorance: the $currency is canadian dollars? when they say no term ie iphone 4g 16gb at 649 means you have to unlock it to use it in another country?
    rgb caracas

  • Ginecoweb

    The question is: where can you buy an unlocked iphone 4G? I want one too. is the price stated here in canadian $s?

  • LoLo D

    So, even though my local Telus store hasn’t received a single 32 unit, I do know that I’m eligible to upgrade early at the discounted price. Late in the day but my account on finally updated my offers to include both iPhone 4 deals.


    Yes since this is Canadian Service Provider, obviously this will be Canadian prices man. Go get it, already!

  • Turtle

    can't you do that with every company…?

  • if you are a student the Virgin $50 combo plan is wicked. 500GB tethering included, 10 people unlimited texting and calls…

  • Pp Fenner

    Fuck telus man, Rogers = 200$ deposit, virgin = 250$ deposit, telus = 1000$ deposit. WHO THE FUCK IS GONNA PAY 1000$ DEPOSIT? especially to go to the ONLY company that isnt doing the 30$ 6gig plan. morons.

  • LoLo D

    It must just have been my local Telus store that didn't get any 32's then. Thanks for replying, Tyler!

  • Jarndt08

    you must have really bad credit….. my deposit at telus was 200$

  • Tyler

    no worries, ya when I called around to some telus stores (victoria) some of them only had 16gbs, made sure i went to one with 32's haha

  • Ginecoweb

    Thanks for the reply Telus. One more, sorry, 659 CAN$ to US$ would be about….?

  • Allan

    I went to TELUS this morning, and the guy said they received a notice from TELUS this morning, about the 6gb/$30. So TELUS has the same plans as far as i know.

  • LoLo D

    I always buy my phones from the same Telus dealer. Trying to stay loyal but it's hard when they don't even get the stock on launch day. What was the point to being first on the wait list?! Oh well, plus side, my Telus guy will call me as soon as it comes in. 🙂

  • I called telus again, told them I wanted to cancel, the asked why, I explained, they reiterated that I would have to wait till the next shipment of iphone 4s for them to even think about giving me any kind of deal, so I said eff that, and canceled. Got a 32gb iphone 4 with Bell at FS.

  • lm

    Go to an Apple store for an unlocked iPhone 4. CAD $659 = approx. USD $641 as of today.

  • Cole Neuman

    Telus told me, last night over the phone, that I was eligible to get $300 off of the iPhone 4, and also the people at the telus store were giving me a $100 credit because of warranty problems… So I get off of work early, head down to the store, and at checkout the lady at the till gives me this jawdrop “uh oh…”. We find out that Telus is only offering me the $300 once the second batch comes in, because they believe that demand is too high, and to give brand new costumers the iPhone instead of people that have been with them for 15 years… so the phone is sitting in store, with my name on it, waiting for 2 weeks until the next shipment comes in. Unbelievable!

  • Called telus last night, i've got less than 11 months left on my contract. They told me a few months ago (and in store yesterday) that i'd be able to get it for a huge discount, and most likely at the $269 price if I called in the morning. Called them, and they just said no, there is no possibility of getting you a deal blah blah. Only would give me the $300 iphone deal thingy, which is still around $500 signing for 3 years.

    Went to buy it unlocked from Pacific Center, the lineup didnt move for two hours, and was pretty far from the entrance – then got word that they sold out.

    So I want to get out of telus, that'll cost me $200. Where should I go?

    Preferably a $50-ish plan that includes unlimited text. Never had a smart phone so I have no idea how much data i'll need – but my budget is strict at the $50 area.

    I want to stick to the Bellus network, since it's been reliable for me. So that leaves Bell and Virgin? But neither have the $50 plan like telus with unlimited text.

    How much worse is the Rogers network? I need suggestions 😛

  • IphoneVirgin

    the benefit is not being looked into a terrible contract and having the freedom to change your cellphone carrier as often as you'd like. also great for travelling. you can avoid those overpriced roaming/long distance charges by buying a pay as you go simcard in whatever city/country you are in, just pop it into your own phone and you are good to go! it is a pricey investment for a phone, but depending on your lifestyle it may be worth it. i work for an airline so i will be buying an unlocked phone.

  • Asfas

    anyone know when the second batch should arrive?

  • Junk

    Go to Bell. I just negotiated a retention plan for my iphone 4 which I picked up today. There was no line up at Scottsdale Mall in Delta. I showed up 1 hour before launch and I was the first one to get the phone.

    $45.00 for this plan before tax including sys. access fee. At the store they were offering me a similar plan except that it was unlimited 10 instead of 5 for about $60.00 I don't think that's too bad.
    -250 minutes.
    -300 txt
    -voice mail/call display
    -500mb data
    -unlimited 5: nation wide call and text to 5 numbers.
    -Evenings and weekends free starting at 6pm
    -unlimited local calling for 1 month.

  • Turtle

    what are you talking about? maybe the fido you went to

  • Cheribear56

    I am a Telus customer and just spoke to a retention rep. They offered for me to keep my same plan as follows with adding the $30 6gb of data:
    250 daytime
    Free eve&week starting at 6pm
    Call display, conference, call waiting
    Voicemail 3
    Unlimted incoming calls
    Free in-network calling (free telus mobile to telus mobile)
    250 outgoing text/unlimited incoming
    This plan for $30.00 per month plus system access of $7.70.

    So in all, I'm paying $67.70 per month plus taxes ($30 voice/features plan + $30 data + 7.70 system access)

  • Turtle

    why would you do a thousand dollar deposit? that's so stupid of them.

  • Turtle

    if you buy it from the APPLE STORE for no term 649 (canadian dollars) you get it unlocked and can use it in caracas. i know because i have a 3g that i bought that way, and i am from caracas, venezuela :). saludos desde vancouver.

  • Pp Fenner

    im 20 years old and never owned a credit card or nothing, the only bills i pay are my motorcycle insurance and my cellphone bill, both of which are paid on time every month. its pretty rediculous. I even said to the girl, WHY the fuck would Ipay 1000$ + the cost of the phone when i can get nearly 2 iphone4s for that 😛

  • Asfas

    is the 6gb only till sept?

  • Cheribear56

    They never said, I'm assuming so though… My contract was up for renewal though… I basically cut to the chase with them on the phone and said I wanted 6gb for $30 and to keep my unlimited incoming calls or I was leaving. It was very easy and no problem at all.

  • Cheribear56

    Currently, I don't have the iphone4 as I doubt anywhere in the Van city area has any left… The made a note on my account for when more become available. They are also going to give me the discounted pricing for renewing my contract of $269 for the 32gb phone.

  • Codeblue009

    i agree, fido’s the best…well at lest if your near a major city in ON or QC…im not sure how good they r on the west side.

  • Codeblue009

    telus is throwing in 5GB extra in the clear choice voice and data 65 (6GB) , 80 (7GB), 100 (8GB)…i think its on any smartphone….thats their competitive response to 30$ 6GB

  • Whitingrj

    Yes, but say I buy that phone contract-free from Telus, I won't be able to use that with the same freedom that I can with an unlocked phone from Apple, will I?

    Thanks for the swift response, though!

  • Asfas

    Hopefully i can get a plan as good as yours. did you do all this over the phone?

  • Half_Pint

    Anyone know what the pricing is going to be on the Team Web Store? 🙂

  • Oren

    Just got mine at a TELUS store in Vancouver. They had received a bulletin advising them that any plan over $60 will get another 5gb traffic bonus.

    So a $65 voice/data plan that used to offer 1gb now offers 6gb.

  • Just picked one up from Bell in vancouver, standard $50 plan though. They wouldn't give me anything in store, just the standard deals. Makes sense, since i'm a brand new customer.

    What should I do to try and get some more onto it? I have the standard iphone $50 plan, all I want is unlimited text on top of it.

  • Cheribear56

    What store in Van? And did they have any 32gb models?

  • Don

    If I were you, I would take advantage of your iPhone 4 and go with the 6GB plan. Just go with the $30 or $35 voice/talk plan and then add on the $30 6GB data plan making your bill $60 instead of $50. For $10 more you will get the closest thing to unlimited data in Canada. If you don't care for data though stick with your $50 combo plan and add on the iPhone 20 bundle($20/month) Gets you call display, message center, visual voicemail and unlimited sent and recieved texts.

  • Sean

    PAC centre still atleast a 4 hour lineup as of right now. Sold out of 32's. Lots of 16's left

  • Rick

    Called Rogers today and asked about an upgrade to iPhone 4. I was told that Rogers has sold out of that phone and offered to upgrade me to the iPhone 3GS as it only had subtle differences.
    Well, beside the extra battery life, I would say that the ability to use “N” on the network and not force ones home router to 'G” would be a big plus. If you don't care about Facetime, well not now, but who knows in the future, then perhaps the 3GS is the way to go – other than that, I think Apple and Rogers are simply taking this opportunity to push buyers into the older technology.

  • Cheribear56

    Yes, over the phone

  • DAvid

    Then you have NO credit rating, as these payments would not show on a Credit report. You may be wise to review some website which discuss building a credit rating, before you really need it. A good credit rating will do more than lower cellphone deposits. It will positively affect everything from mortgage rates offered you to job opportunities. I suggest you look into it rather than swearing at the poor girl at the cell phone kiosk.


  • Rvershona

    Are all of the unlocked iphones gone in toronto?? I'll be there tomorrow and sunday and wanted to buy one. If they are, when will they get the next shipment??

  • MR

    The improvement to the camera for stills and high-def video is a big selling point for me. It's actually the main reason I've decided to bite the iPhone bullet.

  • Nenito

    I got with fido
    350 minutes
    unlimited evening and wknds starting at 5pm to 5am
    unlimited international video/pic text, call display, who called, voicemail/visual voicemail, call waiting
    Data 6GB

    all for $80.00

  • MR

    Virgin offers a $50 plan with unlimited text and picture messaging, which includes 200 minutes and 500MB of data (perhaps 6GB with the promo, but I haven't been able to confirm this).

  • Mitch

    I managed to get an Iphone 4 from bestbuy under telus for 159 with a 65/month plan with unlimated txting and 6gb data…when i went there are 4pm in the afternoon they still had 2 16gbs and 2 32gbs

  • Wrathwitch

    OK here it goes, I just got off of the phone with Telus Loyalty and Retention.

    My situation: I have 2 years left on contract with Telus, would cost me 400.00 to buy out my contract if I chose to.

    I asked the rep if I could get the 6gb for 30.00 for the remainder of my two years with my current phone plan (200 mins, fave 5) also have voice 3 and 250 outgoing unlimited incoming texts.

    Since I am currently on a combo plan, to get the 6gb I would have to break the plan. I was paying 50.00 for my 500mb data plus the phone portion.

    What I ended up with was: Not having to upgrade to 3 years even though the 30.00 6 gb is associated with a 3 year contract on Bell ( I believe?), I have my 200 mins, fave 5, and same text plan with the 30.00 gb data plan for a total of 78.40 (taxes included). Since it was only about 20.00 more per month, I can accept that, considering what they are selling the reg combo data/phone for. An upgrade of 6gb from 500mb is pretty good.

    They are not offering it as a promo currently, but if you talk to Loyalty and Retentions they will offer it for existing customers.

    Here is the catch haha, since i don't HAVE an iPhone 4 in my hands he has made a note in my file of this and when I purchase the phone, they will activate it.

    Here's hoping it all pans out. Mind you he and I were chatting for about 45 mins about phones in general so I figure he won't dick me around.

    What is nice is that I can still get the unlocked phone, get the data deal, and do the hardware switch online, saving 10.00. I still have to buy the 13.00 sim card but overall I am satisfied with this.

  • Eiloncantsay

    went to Yorkdale mall and spoke with the manager at the Telus kiosk … asked him if I can get the Iphone 4 at full price and make it work with my current plan (voice only) for the time being before adding a data plan …. he said no and that data is mandatory with the Iphone. Told him I can get an unlocked Iphone from apple and pretty sure it would work with my current plan. So he looked up my number and then changed his mind (that was interesting i thought) saying yes, it would work with my current voice only plan but why would I ever want to do that. Told him I want to try it first before I commit to a new plan with telus. Then I asked him about return policy. He didn't want to sell me the phone at that point (even for full price) saying I can return the phone only if no data was used on it and there was less than 10 min of talk time. Then he got into this whole thing about how he just doesn't want to sell me the phone if all I want to do is see if I like it and may return it. Told him 'Thanks!' and left. So much for trying out the phone after all the negative publicity.

  • Codeblue009

    “WHY the fuck would Ipay 1000$”….lol….u wouldnt…this is Telus's way of saying… REJECTED!!sorry join with rogers.

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  • Codeblue009

    i dont kno sorry, i do have a similar question, if get it from the apple store as a renewal at 156$ with fido can they deduct my fido dollars, i have like 100$…anyone kno?

  • Trance8331

    Despite obvious and acknowledged (by Apple) signal reception issues caused by the bad design of the antenna, people are still going ga-ga over the iPhone 4. I say this being an Apple fan (I have a Macbook Pro, iPod Touch and iPhone 3G and going to get the new iMac) but I think there's a limit of what I will accept and an obvious imperfectly-designed phone is definitely pushing it. Plus, 3-year agreement with Rogers should be a good enough reason to deter anyone from jumping into getting the overrated phone. @Apple, giving out the bumpers is just a pseudo-sloution to a serious flaw on the iPhone 4. So unless you provide a permanent solution to the problem, I will be glad to upgrade to a Blackberry.

  • That's why you deal with the Apple store and not Telus 🙂

    They are the worst among Big 3.

  • I just got iPhone 4, 3GS looks like sh1t next to the iPhone. The retina display is soooooo good, it makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

    That's right… I don't want to look at my iPhone 3GS ever again.

  • Codeblue009

    NOT all true, iphonevirgin is right it wont get locked. now about the credit, if you sign up as a new client with telus they will give you 50$ per year of contract length 1yr 50$…2yrs 100$….3yrs 150$, this is only if ur a new client signing up with you own phone (that is NOT getting a new phone from telus.)….u may have to call in to get that applied.

  • Jordan

    Cool story bro. Enjoy your blackberry.

  • Oren

    they say no 32gb made it to the BC (which I find hard to believe, given TELUS HQ is here).

    I purchased mine at the TELUS store on Thurlow (near Georgia).

  • GradStudent

    Hello, I've a question. If I get an factory unlocked IPhone 4 (contract free of course), will I be able to add a data plan whenever I wish? I mean I might need to get data plan for some months in a year but not for the whole year.

  • Neville


    If I get an iphone with rogers on a voice plan with a data ADD-ON (not a voice+data plan), would I be able to cancel the data and pay the DEFC ($100) and be left with just the voice?

  • afm74

    Hi everyone,
    I need some help here. I'm with Rogers since march 2006. Me and My wife have a joint account and we have voice plan (no data plan). My Plan icludes:
    200 Wkday/Unltd. Eve starting @ 8 pm / Unltd Wkends for $20.00/month
    I also got:
    Rogers to Rogers Calling (not sure but i think like 1000 min over 1 month)
    I also get 125 Sent/Unlim Received Text, voice mail and caller ID through a value pack and that coast me 12.00 extra. I end up paying around 85.00 per month ( I hardly use extra minutes or extra txt for me or my wife).
    My contract expired in march 2009 and since I had my contract in 2006 (believe it or not) i'm still on my motorolla razr and my wife had an iphone 2G as a gift (that means I never had an upgrade from rogers and actually never asked them for any thing). The reality is i'm satisfied with rogers service and never had a problem with them.
    Now, I want the iphone 4 for me. I also want to upgrade my wife's phone but I dont want a data plan for her. Not sure what data plan is good for me but I dont think I'm gonna use it a lot (probably check e-mails and facebook and do little surfing on the web). Having said that, there are a lot of Apps ( but not games) that I'm really interested in and not sure how much of download will use. The only thing that i miss really is long distance call esp. with my wife as she travel a lot.
    So what advice that you can give me? and how I can get the best offer from rogers and how (who to call)? do i switch to another company?
    Also, do I get the 16 or the 32 g?
    P. S. technically. i'm still a student (post graduate one), meaning is there any plans for students that will fit me??
    Thanks a lot.

  • Cheribear56

    Thanks. I actually got a 32gb one tonight at Best Buy in White Rock 🙂

  • Jokeracing

    Did you have to pay up front for the phone or could they charge it and have it appear on your next invoice??? Any idea if they had any left???

    Looking for a 32GB and was gonna head to best buy in white rock but didnt, sh!t.

  • Rman

    Bell is telus…. telus is Bell….. I really doubt they cared about your switch since it somewhat goes to the same corp. If you switched to Rogers then you’d do some damage to telus.

  • Fasterthanu

    1 year left on my Telus share plan contract. 2 weeks ago I tried to get a 3gs from them and they flat out said No. I would need to cancel my plan and pay the penalty for both phones on the plan even though they were on shared ($200 each). I got my one year offer and orders for a discounted smart phone yesterday. Called to upgrade and they said they only had 8gb models left. I told them it was unacceptable to offer me something they don't have and they agreed to split my account, change mine to a data plan and give me a iphone4 for the new subscriber price (159). Unfortunately they could only put it on my account until stock came in. It took 1.5 hours on the phone but , be nice, be patient and they will help…

  • xywix

    do what am doing to talk to my family overseas….download fring…which uses skype over 3g or wifi….& if u subscribe to 3/month for 12 months only..u get unlimited calling to mobile & homepgones all over canada & US….& being an Iphone with apps…makes this deal amazing!…ull pay more a month with ur carrier than a year with skype!!

  • xywix

    u HAVE 2 get a data plan to get the iphone with any carrier…but they told me u can cancel the data after 3mnths….atleast thats rogers/fido

  • xywix

    am waiting for that 2nd batch like u buddy.. 🙁

  • xywix

    they dont have the iphone they!

  • nd

    i got the “$30 for 6gb” deal with Telus but i had to threaten them with cancellation before they gave it to me..

  • Frankphotoman

    I'm in Toronto and with Fido. I got unlimited local calls, unlimited international text, 3GB data, voicemail, call display, callwaiting for $65 plus HST. Fido and Rogers are going back to unlimited packages to compete with likes of Wind mobile.

  • Cheribear56

    I paid up front. However, I noted after that they didn't charge the $25 activation fee like Telus told me I would have to pay in-store and I was also not charged for the SIM card (not sure if the SIM card is generally included???). They were taking peoples names for upcoming shipment. I actually got the last phone and it happened to be the 32gb. They said out of approx 20 iphone 4 received only 1 was Rogers! Most people on the list are Rogers customers looking for the 32gb model.

  • Brian

    I just talked with Telus and we had a shouting match. She still wouldnt give me the $30 6GB/month but insisted I should pay $80 for 5GB…seriously what is Telus on? I'm looking to switch to other carriers right now.

  • Maxpig

    why the system access fee??…. those are gone the way of the DODO

  • Maxpig

    not to defend them but seriously your upset that they require you to put down a deposit when you messed up your credit… now if you were saying something like those asses aren'tt matching prices or plans or are screwing me over because I signed a deal last week … then i'd be on board…. but what your saying is plain nonsense… you made your bed now lie in it

  • DAvid

    Fring no longer can access Skype.

  • themode

    I also talked to Telus today after I saw the 5GB/$60/3 yr promotion on their page but they were not able to give it to me because the code was not available for them to use. They told me to call back during the week. Maybe try calling back in a few days.

  • Goulz

    How does one get to talk to a retention rep? You just ask for one? You threaten to leave?

  • elhilayla

    Hi TEAM
    I have this offer -completed 24 months-
    from TELUS, kindly advise if I have to accept or not:
    6 GIG Data
    450 minutes
    100 Min long distance
    Voice mail, call waiting,
    Weekends and night 9:00 PM
    250 TXT
    That for $75+TX ie 84.66

    I have 4 years with them
    Do I have to go to another company?

  • elhilayla

    I have just got full discount and my offer above, I have 4 years with them and just completed 24 months,
    still I received the offer with great trepidation.

  • Marisa

    I need help on my offer

  • Marisa

    Not so nice though

  • Kai

    Same. They wouldn’t budge. It’s like their new customers are more important than the ones they have. Telus is lame.

  • Dt

    3/4 of the people who have responded below have no idea what you are talking about regarding Telus and the iphone. You say they are the worst out of the big three, but from your posts it seems you are expecting too much from them, and eventually you will experience the same issues with your new carrier.

  • Wise_asa

    Hello i am lookin tot buy an 32gb iphone…are they any good…never had cell phone but i wudd like to try the iphone…

  • Janenewebster734

    Does anyone know if i am gonna have a hard time finding an iphone this close to christmas??