The Genius Bar’s Great Service Helps Apple Generate More Product Sales


The Genius Bar is always of great help, whether you’re having an issue with your iPhone, Mac, or another Apple product. The service is fantastic, I bet you can’t even name another company with similar customer service. If I brought my Windows computer into a local repair shop, my bill would likely be through the roof. If I bring my Mac in for repair, chances are it’s a free repair, or the cost is minimal (with the Genius Bar).

A recent study completed by NPD Group found that 90 percent of Apple’s customers are satisfied with the Genius Bar’s work. The service is so phenomenal at times that one out of ten customers purchase a device following the receiving of tech support. A whopping 60 percent of the survey takers said they would be more likely to purchase merchandise from the Apple store after their Genius Bar experience.

Why are most people satisfied, find out:

A major part of their satisfaction came from the fact that only a small percentage actually paid for their service. According to the report, 88 percent of Genius Bar consumers said their service was free compared to 78 percent of all consumers.

This survey consisted of 2,000 adults who completed the survey in May of 2012 on the NPD online panel.

In past experiences, I can vouch for the excellent service from Genius Bar employees. I’ve previously cracked my iPhone’s display, and to my surprise they replaced it without a charge. So I would like to hear past experiences you’ve had with the Genius Bar.

[via TechCrunch]


  • A great service experience definitely trumps all for me personally. Of course, there will always be people who will factor cost above all else, but in my time of taking products to Apple Genius Bars for service/repair (5-6 years) I’ve not paid once. It’s about standing behind your product and Apple, in my experience, does it well. Even without AppleCare, visits have been ultra positive. This would be an area of Apple that Samsung SHOULD copy (in fact, all businesses should copy!)

    The only downside to a Genius Bar visit is usually the wait. Even with an appointment, the delay is usually quite lengthy. I try to book first thing in the morning if I’m free.

  • gtasscarlo

    Every time I go to the genius bar all I get is a headache.

  • The piece of mind and after purchase support at the Genius Bar is worth it. I hope the retail operation doesn’t go to into the toilet like we’ve been hearing about.