This Is How The iPhone Has Evolved Over The Years [Infographic]


The iPhone, Apple’s revolutionary smartphone, has come a long way since it was first introduced on January 9, 2007. Over the years. the handset has gone through various changes ranging from minor updates to complete overhauls in design and hardware. Till today, five generations of iPhone have been unveiled starting from the original iPhone to the latest iPhone 4S. To sum it all up, Dutch website has created a pretty decent infographic detailing the evolution of the greatest smartphone man has ever seen.

Take a look at the infographic and share your thoughts with us:


  • Daniel Lee

    I like the 1 in 7 users “had” an iphone.  Does that mean that they got it and said, man this sucks 😉

    Just playing devils advocate and pointing out an obvious flaw.  I luv my 2 iphone 4’s 😀

  • Briancade

    Sorry to play Grammar Police Daniel.  But I will.”In 2010, 1 out of every 7 smartphone users had an iPhone””In 2010″  past tense
    “had”  past tense

  • Briancade

    My ability to put spaces and hit “enter”


  • Tiamocatering

    I have owned every iPhone except the very first one and I love them! I find them the easiest to use!

  • i like it.  the only iPhone I haven’t had has been the 3GS

  • Anon

    Ability to click on ‘reply’ in Daniel’s post.  FAIL # 2

  • Jeff

    They mean “had” as in past tense, because the year  2010 has past, and the “obvious flaw” in reality, is not a flaw at all. 

  • Devil’s advocate fail.

    But hey, let me pick up the slack and point out “Augustus 2008” and “700K iPhone’s sold”.

    I’ll forgive them because they’re Dutch.

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  • d

    iphones are awesome but can u talk about the camera and abilitie evolution