This Is How The Lock Screen Should Work In iOS 7 [VIDEO]


Recently, we’ve been seeing a number of iOS 7 design concept videos being shared on the web such as new Notification Banners or a customizable ‘Quick Settings’ panel, hoping that Apple might pick on some of these brilliant ideas. One such fantastic concept for a new Lock Screen has been shared by Jean-Marc Denis, that reinvents the idea of toggles and introduces the concept of a Lock Screen drawer.


Toggles to switch off/on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other system preferences on Lock Screen have been called for by iOS users for quite a while now and the more concepts we see with this kind of behavior, the more it seems that Apple should take up the idea. More interesting is the prototype lock screen drawer concept shown in the video. Check it out and let us know what you think!


(via Macgasm)


  • MrXax

    I miss being able to use LockInfo and NCSettings.

  • FragilityG4

    Isn’t the point of a lock screen so that if some one you don’t want using your phone is trying to use it they can’t access such important components?

  • julio

    only if you have it locked, otherwise it’s just so you dont accidently turn your phone on

  • steve81

    Great, now thieves can use Personal Hotspot and steel your data too!

  • ThatGuy

    No big deal, a thief would be able to put your phone in airplane mode, rendering find my iPhone useless.

  • Konstantine Neikours

    Wouldn’t it make sense to have these features in the pull down screen? But then it would look like SBSettings. Oh well 🙂

  • present

    You will wait forever!!
    Apple is in deep sleep!
    For me I switched to nexus 4
    Bye bye Apple… You were so great!