This New iWatch Concept By Ciccarese Design Looks Amazing [VIDEO]


Ciccarese Design, a young team of Italian designers and professional IT engineers, has published a new concept for Apple’s widely rumoured ‘iWatch’, which is expected to debut sometime in the middle of 2014. As evident from the photos, the passionate team of creative designers have developed a rather futuristic design for the iWatch, which seems to sport a flexible touchscreen display and is running the latest iOS 7.

Apple iWatch 01

Apple iWatch 02

Interestingly, the developers claim to have started building prototypes of the concept device and have already made two versions, one in white and the other in black, to verify the ergonomics of the watch as well as “the attractiveness of the object when worn”.

Here’s our version of iWatch and the image you see we wanted to realize style and functions, in typical Apple design that so fascinates us.

Showing the pictures and the mockups to many people, we are collecting a lot of feedbacks and most of them said that it is cool, it has a look never seen before and is very fashion on top of all the tech features that will be available.”

Take a look at the following video and share your thoughts with us in the comments section:


  • Chrome262

    In looking at the mock up, its kind of big, great for screen size but more of a jewelry thing then a watch. And I think its more appealing for women. but hey its different.

  • Peter Pottinger

    looks ugly as hell

    1. metro –
    2. a smart watch will NOT look like a tiny iphone that would be stupid as hell
    3. how would u even run the whole ios on a device of these dimensions, not only bad design but these guys have no clue about hardware engineering either

    did i say this “watch” looks ugly and nobody would buy it.

  • WatDah

    If they say is a concept for an iBracelet it would of made more sense. iWatch? LOL!!

    This is Horrible.

  • No Thanks

    This is bad.

    UI would not be the same as iPhone. It would never work on your wrist. Icons are too small and I don’t want to rotate my arm to get a different icons. The “watch” is huge, but doesn’t seem to have space for components as the entire design is curved. I expect the real “iWatch” to have a slight curvature (if any) and really be focused on giving you notifications and easy access to your phone from your wrist. I mean Siri would work, (and hopefully work very well), and you could a few small clicks, but a massive display. No thanks. I don’t feel like wearing a smartphone on my wrist.

  • johnnygoodface