This Samsung Report Details How to Be More Like the iPhone in 126 Steps


Yesterday Apple submitted evidence in court that could be the ‘smoking gun’ to further detail how Samsung copied the iPhone. An internal 132 page Samsung document from 2012 was translated from Korean into English details specific iPhone features side by side to the Samsung Galaxy S, as noted by AllThingsD.

Every single aspect of the iPhone is broken down compared to the Galaxy S, from comparing how the iPhone calculator switches in landscape to portrait mode, and even down to the details of the interface when entering the iPhone’s camera app. Numerous references are made by Samsung to bring improvements ‘like the iPhone’ to to also make user interfaces to ‘highlight the fun factor for the user’.

There’s no doubt this document will make Samsung’s lawyers squirm in their seats. It’s incredible the amount of detail Samsung went to in order to make their Galaxy S more like the iPhone’s interface.

You can check out the entire 126 steps outlined here. What do you think? Is Samsung screwed?


  • Samsung is definitely in big trouble this time!

  • Etdashou

    “News at 10: A company compare his product to another one to see if their is any improvement to do. This is absolutely new and we never saw this on the planet earth before. For sure we know that Apple never did that and surely never looked, for example, at tweaks done in Jailbroken iPhones. Scientists are astonished by what is going on right now and don’t understand Samsung decisions.”

    Let’s go guys…. wake up out of your dream. We simply see this in the news because its Apple and they are huge. But in reality every big company in the world do the exact same thing to each other, we simply don’t care about them and that is why we don’t see this in news.

    Something interesting to talk about would be: “Is the Patent system broken”.

  • Yes the patent system is broken and out of control…but in this Samsung case…they seem to be blatant copying Apple instead of other companies. Why not knock off the Metro UI or even BB OS?

  • kmlmzhr