Tips for Buying iPhone X in Canada: This Twitter Account Gives Real-Time Stock Updates


We previously told you about setting up email alerts from iStockNow for iPhone X stock availability at Apple Stores, but now there’s an even faster way.

All you need to do is follow the Ottawa-based Twitter account @rh_monitor and enabled mobile notifications. In the Twitter iOS app, just tap the ‘bell’ icon as seen below:

IMG 0086

What this account does is track real-time iPhone X stock from, and from feedback we’ve heard, is as fast or faster than iStockNow’s alerts. Be sure to sign into so when you jump on a stock alert, you don’t waste extra time logging in (especially if you have 2-factor authentication enabled).

Once you see an alert for iPhone X stock at an Apple Store near you, jump to Apple’s iPhone X Reserve and Pick Up page to reserve your device (doing this on the web seems to be better than the Apple Store iOS app). Once that’s done, you can then head down and pick it up.

Robinhood monitor iphone x stock

After speaking to ‘Robin Hood’ over private messages, he told us he’s doing this to help other Canadians secure an iPhone X, as it has also helped out his friends and family. He wants nothing back in return, because he believes in karma.

Be warned though, with mobile notifications enabled, you will be receiving a notification when each store gets stock, so that may clutter your lock screen. But it’s a small price to pay if you’re desperate for an iPhone X.

Looking at tweets in the past hour, Apple Stores are getting more 256GB models in stock.

Screenshot 2017 11 08 08 38 29

In the meantime, don’t forget to read our iPhone X review, while you’re waiting to lock down an iPhone X for yourself!

Let us know how this Twitter account works for you!


  • All this over an iPhone. Jesus.

  • bbbwww

    I hear ya…

  • El Cockblock

    And yet here you are reading and typing on -iPhone- in Canada.

  • Kyle Christiansen

    This was awesome! Worked for me and got my X at the Eaton’s Centre.

  • What did you use to reserve? The Apple Store app or the website?
    Any other tips?

  • Kyle Christiansen

    I used the website – as soon as I saw a tweet with the phone I wanted I went on and was able to reserve it. I picked it up the same this evening. Booked it around 1pm.

  • OK

    Did you already enter your payment info etc and then wait on the reservation area until you saw the tweet?

    Is there also a way of reserving another model that you didn’t add to your cart (or have multiple carts) so you can reserve the first one that pops up?

  • Thanks! But I’m getting this message:
    “We’re not taking reservations to buy an iPhone in the store right now. Please check back after 6:00 a.m., or ”

    Will this message disappear once an iPhone is actually available at a store?

  • jay

    for me was a crazy Thursday. started follow him and tried to order but as soon i ordered the apple page crashed so i found one 80 km away but grey which my wife wanted. so we drove there and they had a space grey in store. so we got booth hour iPhone.