TomTom Launches All New ‘TomTom GO Mobile’ App for iPhone


TomTom has today announced the launch of an all new navigation app for iPhone called TomTom GO Mobile, offering a combination of the latest TomTom car navigation technology and world-class traffic information. The app, which is available as a free download in the App Store, allows drivers to experience TomTom’s premium navigation up to 75km every month free of charge, while an in-app purchase of $27.99 unlocks unlimited navigation for a year.


Corinne Vigreux, the Managing Director of TomTom Consumer, said that the TomTom GO Mobile app is made for drivers who want to experience the best of TomTom on their smartphone. “We completely rethought our mobile solution so that every driver has the chance to try navigation with TomTom Traffic. Now all iPhone owners can avoid the traffic jams and get to their destinations faster, every day”, he added. The new app also features a global map licence so drivers can use it in over 150 countries even without a network connection.

Below is the official iTunes description:

Download TomTom GO Mobile and drive with the app for a fixed number of free kilometres every month. Upgrade to Unlimited Navigation to drive without kilometres restriction. Select from a one year or three year subscription, depending on your driving needs.


Your current TomTom Navigation app will continue to work, but we think you’ll find our new GO Mobile app even better. It’s our most advanced navigation app ever! Why not give it a try? Please make sure you have the latest version of your current app installed and follow the instructions inside to receive a free upgrade to GO Mobile.


  • – World Maps: Install and update maps from around the world at no extra cost.**
  • – TomTom Traffic: Always know where delays are and whether a faster route is available.*
  • – Safety Cameras: Drive more relaxed with speed camera alerts, trusted by millions of TomTom drivers.*
  • – Offline Maps: Maps are stored on your device so you don’t need internet access or data roaming to plan a route.
  • – Points of Interest: From gas stations to hotels, your app comes pre-loaded with millions of useful POIs.
  • – Quick search: Find destinations faster with Quick Search. It starts finding locations as soon as you start typing.
  • – Navigate to Copied Addresses: Easily select locations you found on websites or other apps by copying their address and pasting it into Quick Search.
  • – Tap and go: Tap on your favorite destination on the map, and you’re on your way.
  • – Advanced Lane Guidance: Clearly see which lane to take at key junctions.

You can download and try out the new app using the following App Store link:

Download TomTom GO Mobile for iPhone [Direct Link]


  • randy smyth-hellman

    So I should pay almost $30 for something that comes for free on my phone via Apple Maps or I can get for free (Google Maps) if I don’t like Apple Maps. Let me think hard about this.

  • Steve

    TomTom Go gives you offline maps so you don’t need to use any data. Very useful when traveling in the US to avoid crazy data roaming charges.

  • Anonymous

    So goes Google maps.

  • Kirk

    Gary and Usman, don’t know if you already knew this but current users of the regular Tom Tom app got a offer to try the service free and unlimited for 3 years as an upgrade. There is a direct download option for this app included in the latest update for the regular Tom Tom app. I opted for it cause why not. Haven’t played around with the app yet though.

  • Widohmaker

    So does Here Maps. Nokia’s Mapping app. And it’s free.

  • Ddsmak

    Both Apple and Google maps will incur roaming charges if you are outside your home area. Apps like Garmin or Navigon, it works exactly like the standalone GPS device, as long as you get a clear signal to the satellite.

  • Jamal Saleh

    It said free upgrade for 3 years. Does that mean I would have to pay $27.99 per year after that or would I have the option to go back?

  • flutor

    Google maps allow you to download maps for offline navigation since last December. However, offline navigation is only available for driving.

  • NewsSniffing

    6GB download for Canada/USA maps. Ridiculous, deleted right away as I don’t want to commit that much space to one app. Old TomTom app used 2GB