Twitter Rolling Out New Tools to Address Online Abuse


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In response to ongoing criticism that the company hasn’t been doing enough to curb harassment on its website, Twitter has today announced on its official blog that it is rolling out new tools to address hate speech and online abuse. The social media firm notes that it has noticed a growing trend of people taking advantage of its platforms’ openness and using it to be abusive to others. 

The amount of abuse, bullying, and harassment we’ve seen across the Internet has risen sharply over the past few years. These behaviors inhibit people from participating on Twitter, or anywhere.

Because Twitter happens in public and in real-time, we’ve had some challenges keeping up with and curbing abusive conduct. We took a step back to reset and take a new approach, find and focus on the most critical needs, and rapidly improve. There are three areas we’re focused on, and happy to announce progress around today: controls, reporting, and enforcement.

Twitter says that it is expanding its “mute” function, which until now has only been used for keeping individual Twitter users out of your stream. “We’re expanding mute to where people need it the most: in notifications. We’re enabling you to mute keywords, phrases, and even entire conversations you don’t want to see notifications about, rolling out to everyone in the coming days”. 

The company also highlights that it has re-trained internal support teams, which are responsible for enforcing Twitter’s code of conduct and investigating reports of violations. Furthermore, Twitter said it is also working on giving users a more direct way to report hateful conduct.

To read the full announcement, click here.


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    how useless ! A fax service never ever had such problems in spite of spam messages that can get thru, and not even a BBS i used to work for ages ago when editorial consulting and moderation was actually SYSOP work. Just let individual users to add the twitter subscriber to a black list, and creste intellectual work team to monitor and verify actual abuse ( SYSOP’s ). i doubt the process of monitoring and verifying can be automated with programs recognizing and blocking offensive words, that’s never work then and surely more complicated TODAY. Offense and offensive words are part of real word we live in, and arbitrarily used by citizens and living-beings, often used as a “SWORD” to win a challenge or a battle, ( discussion ) and often used as self-defense weapon, in a broader sense. NYU

  • LadeeDa

    It’s April 1st? Twitter and Facebook are the worst for not taking action against all forms of online abuse which includes bullying and harassment. The bigger problem is they really have no idea what bullying or harassment is.