Twitter Shares Most Mentioned “Made in Canada” Hashtags of 2015 [PIC]

Twitter Canada has revealed some stats for 2015, including the most mentioned “made in Canada” hashtags of the year. Below, you can see a top 10 list, with #cdnpoli topping the charts, followed by #BellLetsTalk, the latter’s charity cause to support mental health initiatives.

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As for notable Canadian Twitter accounts, Justin Bieber became just the second account to hit 70 million followers (Katy Perry is the other), while Drake hit 25 million followers and Carly Rae Jepson surpassed 10 million.

The most followed Canadian sports teams include the Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Raptors and the Vancouver Canucks.

More insights on what happened in 2015 in Canada in the Twittersphere can be found here on the company’s blog post.

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  • KIII

    ugh Bieber….????

    What happened to Jim Carrey?

  • SV650

    Showing your age?

  • Somebody, stop me!

  • KIII

    Nah just 15.2 million followers.

  • KIII

    Wait a minute, are you saying you’re a Belieber?

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    Probably no followers, though.

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