Using Siri for Texting Just as Dangerous as The Real Thing Says Study


We all know it’s illegal to use your cellphone while driving in most parts, which is why our digital assistant Siri can make things easier. Well, not so fast, according to a study from the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University:

In their study 43 participants drove around a test track without using electronics and then again while using a speech-to-text device. The latter ended up taking longer than regular texting as users had to constantly make corrections in transcription, plus it also distracted them from the road:

“In each case, drivers took about twice as long to react as they did when they weren’t texting,” Christine Yager, who headed the study, told Reuters. “Eye contact to the roadway also decreased, no matter which texting method was used.”


“You’re still using your mind to try to think of what you’re trying to say, and that by proxy causes some driving impairment, and that decreases your response time,”

The study definitely has merits. There have been occasions where I have used Siri and it takes longer to correct a message than send one, which actually is distracting as I have to be patient and think about the changes. Note to self, put the phone down while driving.


  • I wonder if they put a passenger in the car to have a discussion to see if they’re distracted. Maybe some kids in the backseat? I drive and use Siri, it’s definitely less distracting and I don’t have to take my eyes off of the road. The biggest use I have for Siri while driving is to ask for a new album to be played.

  • You could also add putting on make up, eating a bucket of fried chicken and playing Gameboy to the list too.

  • K3

    no kidding- not long ago had seen a young lady take out a median strip just after the light she had turned green..thought only caged birds were that fascinated by mirrors.

  • hub2

    I can attest to the transcription errors, at least. One time Siri got my message text wrong 4 times in the exact same place.

    A contributing problem: you can’t easily toggle Siri’s voice feedback between Handsfree only and Always. I don’t want Siri talking out loud in public, so I keep it in Handsfree only, but this means it doesn’t give audio prompts when in the car so you’d have to look over to tap the button prompts.

  • FragilityG4

    I’m not joking at all but once on the 404 here in Ontario I saw someone driving and folding her laundry at the same time!

  • Haha I guess time is money!

  • Chuieyes

    I never understand. Why text someone while driving in the car when you can old school phone them and talk on your Bluetooth or hands free device? Siri is terrible for voice text messaging. Never accurate.

  • TheScot

    I have a Scottish accent yet Siri still manages to get my texts right 99% of the time. It reads them back to me and with a Cydia tweak I don’t even need to touch my phone to activate Siri. It’s perfect!