Vancouver City Councillor Wants to Ban Texting While Crossing the Road


Vancouver City Councillor Geoff Meggs says he wants to ban people from texting while crossing the street, as he tells CBC News it “makes common sense.” The move would follow in footsteps of what’s set to happen in Toronto.

Meggs explained “We drop really hard on drivers who text while they’re driving. I think people in the roadway should not be texting, they should be paying attention to traffic.”

The councillor explained the city wants to drop pedestrian fatalities to zero, as existing efforts already in place attempt to make roads safer for pedestrians, such as the lowering of speed limits in areas where accidents are high.

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In Toronto, a recent motion was passed to ask the province’s Minister of Transportation to revise the Highway Traffic Act to ban pedestrians from texting while on any travelled portion of roadways. Minister Steven Del Duca said the province has no plans to amend the Act, despite the request.

In the end, Toronto city council was informed permission from the province was not required to introduce municipal bylaws banning texting while walking. Councillor Frances Nunziata said city staff would be investigating all options to debut a municipal bylaw.

Proposing laws against texting and walking aren’t uncommon. Earlier this year, New Jersey in the U.S. proposed a “distracted walking” measure, which would make it illegal to walk and text, placing fines of up to $50 or 15 days in jail.

What do you think? Should the Vancouver and Toronto make it illegal to text and walk on roadways? Shouldn’t people just do that on their own, anyways?

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  • iGard Anderson

    So what’s next.. don’t drink and walk? lol
    It’s not a person hitting a car but the car hitting person that makes the damage. I do believe though that Toronto’s pedestrians are way to spoiled and think they have right to do anything they want… So if someone gets hit while texting and crossing on the red light, sorry but it should be their own fault…

  • Tim

    Not everything needs to be legislated. The downtown east side is a national disgrace. Tell these people to get their priorities in order.

  • ruffdeezy

    Vancouver city council like authoritarian control

  • Brenda

    Ridiculous! How are they going to enforce it?

    Vancouver would then be moving in the same direction as Montreal where there are cops everywhere just looking for a reason to give you a ticket (your car is parked in your driveway with the door unlocked – that’s a $75 fine. And don’t forget to to leave your front wheels in the correct position when you park it because you can be fined for that too).

    Next thing you know, someone will introduce legislation where you need to pass a test for your walking license, but only after several years walking around the city with a learner’s license, accompanied by someone over 25. ICBC insurance would be mandatory and a lot of people would be forced to stay inside after losing their license.