Vancouver Pacific Centre Apple Store Closed for Renovation


This coming Sunday September 27 2009, the Apple Store located in Pacific Centre mall in Vancouver, BC will be closed for four days for renovations.

The move comes as Apple has been renovating some of its key stores in recent months and the renovation process has now come to Vancouver.

The renovation is not an expansion but more of a cosmetic touch. Areas of focus are updating the fixtures to reflect other Apple Stores across the USA and reducing the size, but not number, of tables within the store.

The store renovation goes hand in hand with the new iPhone Activation Center that is expected to go live on September 23 at the Pacific Centre location in Vancouver, BC. The remaining Apple Stores across Canada will also be receiving their own iPhone Activation Centers within the same time frame.



  • Dusty


  • Horonto

    Sherway Apple store has be under reno for 2 weeks. Scheduled re-opening this Friday.

  • icemanyvr

    does this mean they have the 3Gs in stock at Pacific Center?

  • bcb

    speaking of the Vancouver Pacific Centre Apple Store… did you know they're adding one in Oakridge Mall in Vancouver? there have been job postings for this location for a while on Apple's site, and I now notice the space they are renovating for the store in the mall

    has anyone heard when the Oakridge store will be opening?

  • Quite possibly…best to call and check πŸ˜‰

  • This Friday on September 26th!

  • I'm confused. Has this already happened in Toronto? I got my 3GS from Eaton Centre weeks ago and they've been doing activations for a while now… I thought they were recently renovated as well. So will Vancouver be updated to look like Eaton or vice-versa? πŸ™‚

  • icemanyvr

    In typical Apple fashion, the Pacific Center's iPhone activation center's are open, but they have no phones in stock… funny the girl at the store did not seem amused that I found this a little funny πŸ™‚

  • Did you visit the store? Funny eh, how can you activate iPhones when there are none in stock! LOL

  • icemanyvr

    I phoned, not going downtown again only to walk away disappointed due to lack of product… also happened with the new MBP's earlier this year…

    Supposedly, the new store at Oakridge will have the phones in stock on opening day… but I wouldn't want to venture there though due to the mass chaos that is an Apple store opening day πŸ™‚

  • September 26

  • Saturday the 26th

  • Yes

  • I have not been to any Apple stores in Vancouver yet. LOL

  • I have not been to any Apple stores in Vancouver yet. LOL