Video Chat To Debut In Future iPhones?


It has been long rumored that a new iPhone, or the next iPhone more specifically, will include a front facing video camera used for video chat/calls. Well, this rumor may be more fact than fiction.

A report from 9to5Mac has revealed information leading to iPhone video calling capabilities found deep within the iPhone SDK. Specifically, various icons were located that lead to video calling on an iPhone.

However, hidden icons are only the first half of this find. As seen in the image below, hidden in the iPhone telephony apps are VideoChat data strings that further reinforce the possibility of video chat on the iPhone.

While these finds greatly suggest the inclusion of a front facing video camera on the iPhone, it by no means guarantees it. Apple is well known to test various technologies and then decide to never actually ship them in a product. However with this SDK evidence, it will be interesting to see what develops.



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  • I think this feature is pretty much a “no-brainer” for Apple.

    I expected to see the front-facing camera on the v1 iPad – but alas, no. I think it's reasonable to expect this in the next version of both iPhone and v2 of the iPad. It's a competitive market out there and Apple will in all likelihood be the first to introduce this – IMO. We shall see.

  • I dont know the technologies behind it but would you have to be connected via wifi and phone or just wifi? it probably woundt be free right?

    darrick baxter
    ipad release date

  • wow phones nowadays are working like small computers already…

  • wow phones nowadays are working like small computers already…