Real Canadian Superstore iTunes Card Sale: $10 Off $50 Cards Until June 21st


Just a quick update for those that have been waiting for an iTunes Card sale. Real Canadian Superstore currently has a coupon that will get you $10 off a $50 card. The coupon is good until June 21st and can be found within the current Real Canadian Superstore flyer. Here’s a picture of where to find the coupon in the flyer, just below the CD advertised for your favourite Canadian artist, Justin Bieber:

iTunes Gift cards can be redeemed for use in the iTunes Store, App Store and Mac App Store. For those looking to buy a new Mac, Apple is currently offering a Back to School promo that includes a free $100 card, or a $50 card if you buy an iPad.

Update 1: Best Buy and 7-11 also have these gift cards on sale. So check there as well! (Thanks everyone for sending this in!)

Thanks for the heads up @jonathananderson9!


  • Gerry

    I just got a $100 free iTunes card with a new Mac. :0)


    Best buy has a $50 for $39.99 no coupon required :0

  • Nice, what did you get?

  • KD

    London drugs as well $50 cards for $40….

  • Gerry

    The new Retina macbook pro. It’s a replacement for my old, white iMac. haha. Won’t be getting it till late July since it’s a 3-4 week ship date.

  • Gerry

    Better deal there.

  • Matt

    I’m pretty sure that picture is from a Loblaw/Real Canadian Superstore flyer, not from Walmart.

  • Matt

    Pretty sure that picture is of a Loblaw/Real Canadian Superstore flyer, not of one from Walmart.

  • Whoops, you are right. Fixed.

  • Jason

    Lol, went to walmart nothing(sale was last week). Checked here again and now it’s superstore. Thanks Folks for keeping us informed of this sale:)