What is Antid0te? An ASLR Tool for Jailbroken iPhones



Late last week we wrote about antid0te, an upcoming tool that add Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) security to your iPhone.

Some new information has emerged from the official website. antid0te will not be a new jailbreak tool, but will used with already jailbroken iPhones, and slated for a December 24th release.

Below is a snippet of the FAQ:

When will it be released?

Media wrongly reported an antid0te release date of 14th December. However this date was never announced from my side. Antid0te will be released once it is ready which should be around 24th of December.

Is is a new jailbreak?

Media wrongly reported that antid0te is a new jailbreak. However this is wrong. Antid0te will be a tool that you can use together with the pwnagetool, redsn0w and maybe greenpois0n jailbreaks.

Will you burn another exploit?

No! Antid0te will be a tool used with already jailbroken iPhones. So there is no additional exploit used.

What devices and firmware is antid0te compatible to?

For now all devices are supported at iOS 4.2.1. iPad 3.x will never be supported. Support for iPhone 4 at iOS 4.1 and iPod 4G at iOS 4.1 should be released, too. There most probably will be no support for iPhone 3G and iPod 2G at anything lower than 4.2.1 because their jailbreak is already untethered.

To read the rest of the FAQ here. Want to learn more? Check out the slides from Sefan Esser’s talk yesterday at the Power of Security Conference in Seoul.

[ via RedmondPie]


  • JfromK

    Okay great, thanks to wikipedia I know what ASLR means now.. So what does that mean in relationship to jailbroken iPhones? I understand why someone would want to jailbreak their iPhone, now why would that person want to ASLR their iPhone as well? For “Security” but security against what threats? iPhone hackers? heh..

  • lebleu29

    So what does it do for those of us who don’t know what ASLR security is?

  • Noahattic

    ASLR basically makes your info has a random memory address in order to protect from the hack. this technique has been used in windows, windows phone 7 and osx. since jailbreak will potentially open the gate of your system, ASLR will be the great tool of protect your system. especially, when more payment apps are introduced….

  • Anonymous

    not sure i’d want an added process running (i anyways like to know my filesystem layout). y not just change root access and mobile root access passwords from the default “apline”? the only added benefit to ASLR would be in app access to filesystem content on a jailbroken phone which could lead to security threats. until more apps support paypal-like payment programs i doubt ill be installing it at he moment. in the future def a possibility 😛

  • lebleu29

    Thanks (wo)man.