White iPhone 4 Available In The Second Half Of July


Today Apple issued a brief press release addressing the availability, or lack thereof, of the white iPhone 4 models.

In the U.S., the iPhone 4 will be officially launched on June 24, however Apple will only have the iPhone 4 in black available for sale. Apple has previously acknowledged that the white iPhone 4 will be coming later, but the company has now provided a specific time frame for release,

White models of Apple’s new iPhone® 4 have proven more challenging to manufacture than expected, and as a result they will not be available until the second half of July. The availability of the more popular iPhone 4 black models is not affected.

So now white iPhone 4 models are set to launch in “the second half of July” due to manufacturing challenges. Earlier this month, concerns of iPhone 4 inventory came into the spotlight when Apple announced 600,000 iPhone 4 units sold. With the iPhone 4 launch in Canada coming by the end of July, many have feared that the iPhone 4 may be delayed.

Well, if anything, the white iPhone 4 should be readily available for Canada’s launch and we can only hope that further delays and supply constraints do not affect the Canadian launch next month.



  • ColPat

    I just got a really good feeling about the iPhone 4 launch here in Canada in July. I don't think it will be delayed. Be honest Ex do you think it will be delayed? Plus, is the availability of the iPhone 4 white is second half of July doesn't that hint the appox. date of the Canadian release?

  • Ex

    It's hard to say.
    Applr has never delayed an iPhone before to Canada (original iPhone
    being exempt). But look at the iPad.

    The iPad is definitely not as “must have” as the iPhone and yet it was
    pushed back.

    Rest assured though, this blog has some seriously close informants
    that will know if delays occur. But for now, let's hope it launches in

  • ColPat

    I guess you're right. Do you have an idea when they will make any announcements about availability? Like a month before, a week before? And now that they have the unlocked iPhone 4 models, do you think that only those will be available for pre order? Considering the last 2 Canadian iPhone launches held carrier locked iPhone's only they didn't have a pre order option. Would they at least allow the unlocked ones for pre order?

  • Ex

    Preorders are likely, for both locked (contract) and unlocked iPhone 4
    devices. I would expect in the first week of July for Apple to reveal
    some new information.

  • The Big 3 will announce something soon. The moment they inform dealers we'll find out some news.

  • ColPat

    Thanks Ex and Gary. This is why you guys are the best!

  • Ex


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  • Seriacl

    how much is the iphone 4 as it is? like no contract.

  • Hills

    Was it already released (white iphone)? I mean when you say it will be coming out in the second half on July, you mean July 2010, or July 2011?