White iPhone 4 Shows Off Unreleased iOS 4, New Multitasking & Folders


Vietnamese site Tinhte seems to have picked up an official white iPhone 4 from Apple running a mystery build of iOS 4.

To begin, the hardware of this device features 64 GB of storage instead of the current 16/32 GB. So could this be an updated iPhone 4? Maybe. For software, the device is running some build of iOS 4 (iOS 4.4?), definitely not iOS 5 but only Apple knows for sure. However we see a lot of change.

This mystery iOS drops the Spotlight search and multitasking tray and instead features a new Exposé-like multitasking page with a Spotlight search field at the top. Folders have also received a cosmetic touchup.

While this whole thing could just be clever Jailbreak tweaks, it may actually be legitimate. Why? Because the iPhone in the video features an Apple-internal application called “Radar” and a game called “Touch Fighter.” Touch Fighter is a game that Apple built to show off early iPhone hardware/software performance. Also note the Facebook integration in the following video as well.

We’ll probably find out what the real story is at WWDC, but there is definitely some neat stuff happening here.



  • Oli C

    Take a look in 1:33 in the second video. We can see the version of the iOS. I think it’s a “4”

  • The second video shows the build in the settings app. It’s a pre-release build of 4.0.

  • Nick H

    I will be buying the White iPhone 4 if there is a 64GB option!

  • Frankie

    Yup. You guys are correct. Now, with the bottom missing, is it the pre released 4.0 (developers should be able to tell us if the multitasking interface originally belonged to pre-released 4.0)? Or is it 4.6? 4.8? Or 4.9?

  • Sparky

    I saw that it said 4.0. But I do like that multitasking and folder layout better. More modern and cool. I’m assuming you would swipe right to see the left pane for lock-orientation and volume and audio controls.

  • I believe the jailbreak mod for the expose view of open applications is called multifl0w.