Breaking Down What the 2013 WWDC Logo Really Means


Joshua Merrill on Apple’s WWDC invite logo, after further details of iOS 7’s upcoming flat design were reported on by 9to5Mac:

Apple has been known to drop hints about its upcoming releases in its press invitations, but there have been relatively few guesses about this year’s WWDC invite. Now it makes sense. Each layered color represents a preloaded app in the new iOS 7.

wwdc 2013

It’s all coming together now. Bring on WWDC.


  • Christopher Jones

    That totally makes sense now! The original rumour I was hearing was that the multiple colours represented the new colour bodies of the iPhone, potentially the “cheaper” version. Now that we’ve heard that each individual native app will get its own colour, you’re right, it makes sense. With how bright some of the colours are, however, such as the green and pinkish/purple, I don’t want my iPhone OS turning neon colours. Could be a little hard to look at sometimes.

    I trust in Apple and Jony Ive, so I am still looking forward to iOS7, and I’m sure I’ll love it even more than I’ve loved the iPhone OS and iOS. Thanks for the post and the quick insight.

  • adrmurray

    Imagine hearing a loud annoying buzzing sound. Look closely, it’s seven layers, like the seventh iteration of the OS. Also, doesn’t it look like its the app icons wiggling, like they do when you change their location? Plus, it’s a bit flatter compared to the other designs, no splashes or apple logos; so it’ll be streamlined. What does all this spell? That we know very little and that we should wait until June 10th to find out!

  • I also noticed that the date in Roman numerals partially mirrors the WWDC letters. Like a reflection in water! Perhaps this means that the new iPhone will be waterproof, as the shape looks kinda ripple-ey. Or it could be made out of a more reflective material than before and double as a mirror! Maybe the front is now mirrored surface!

    Seriously, people will keep coming up with all kinds of theories, but the only way to know will be to wait until the 10th. In the past, most of these “revealing hints” only became obvious after the announcement.

  • Bring on ‘Christmas Day’!

  • Cheers and thanks for reading.

  • I love these theories. People spend so much time figuring it out, only to be duped in the end. We’ll see.