Xiaomi Unveils the New ‘Mi 4’, An Impressive iPhone Ripoff [u]


Chinese phone maker Xiaomi, whose recent Mi Pad tablet took design cues from the iPad Mini with the iPhone 5C’s colorful plastic shell, has now unveiled the all new ‘Mi 4’ smartphone, that not only looks pretty much like an iPhone, but also packs some impressive hardware. The Android powered smartphone hosts a 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, has 3GB of RAM, 16/64GB of onboard storage and is also 4G enabled (via CNET).


The Mi 4 comes with a 5-inch full-HD display with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The new phone will cost 1,999 yuan ($258) for a basic model with 16 gigabytes of memory and will be available later this month. One thing Xiaomi’s very proud of is the phone’s large 3080mAh battery, which is able to quickly charge from 0 to 60% in an hour. But despite all the design similarities with the iPhone, Xiaomi’s global vice president Hugo Barra, the ex-Google executive, says his company is no Apple ripoff.

According to The Verge, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun says he’s already “sick and tired” of hearing his company derided as an Apple copycat.

Firstly, it should be known simply as Mi. “We talk about Mi products and the Mi company”. “Mi is an incredibly innovative company” that never stops trying to improve and refine its designs, and the allegations of it copying Apple are “sweeping sensationalist statements because they have nothing better to talk about.” 

There are many overlaps in design between Apple’s products and Mi’s: the new Mi 4 has chamfered edges much like the iPhone, and the Mi Pad matches the screen size and resolution of the Retina iPad mini while using the same plastic as in the iPhone 5C. Barra is unapologetic about any of these similarities. “If you have two similarly skilled designers, it makes sense that they would reach the same conclusion,” he argues.

While Mr. Jun strongly insists “we’re not copying Apple’s products, end of story”, a man wearing a black top and denim jeans standing on stage promising to unveil “one more thing” at  Xiaomi Mi4 launch event (see below) tells a completely different story.

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Update: John Gruber from Daring Fireball has spotted Xiaomi ripping off Apple’s Aperture icon:



  • Chrome262

    Again, why buy and expensive android device, where there are better build knockoffs out there then a Galaxy, And looks better lol. Samsung is so screwed.

  • J. W.

    I’d take this over any Samsung phone.

  • Henry

    Lol usman you’re so mad and bias it’s hilarious. I hope one day an iPhone blows up in your face. Maybe then you can realize Apple is not unlike any other company and they don’t give a crap about you even if you keep brown nosing them.

  • So you don’t think the Xiaomi Mi 4 is a copy of the iPhone? I guess everybody on the internet is wrong today.

  • johnnygoodface

    Yes Henry, wake up… and by the way : no need to be mean with usman “I hope an iPhone blows up…” c’mon man!

  • Chrome262

    While I have had issue with Apple products before, they, unlike Samsung, never forced me to sign a non disclosure agreement when I sent them in for repairs.
    In fact they have given me newer models to replace older ones.

  • AR

    “we’re not copying Apple’s products, end of story”
    Yes he is, he’s even got the distorted reality field thing going :p

  • Yeah he’s probably being paid very well to spew textbook replies to accusations of copying Apple.

  • mauriceh

    An iphone wishes it was this good.. fanbois

  • Yeah right? Because Xiaomi has such ‘amazing’ product quality, lol:

  • Joel Armstrong

    Jesus.. lots of pots calling kettles black here. also, I wear black t-shirts with jeans all the time, guess I’m ripping off the iPhone god.

  • The ghost of Jobs is coming for you.

  • saphire644

    If this is a ripoff of Apple, then I guess all phones are ripoffs of each other. If consumers like a product, of course all the companies are going to start designing products that look more like it and work better.

  • Xiaomi is the new Samsung, an up and coming knock-off artist.

  • Guest

    How is a phone that has better spec than the iphone6, and released 1 month ahead of the iphone6, the rip-off? ARE YOU SAYING XIAOMI HAS A TIME MACHINE!!!

  • Grom Hellscream

    How is a phone that has better spec than the iphone6, and released 1 month ahead of the iphone6, the rip-off? ARE YOU SAYING XIAOMI HAS A TIME MACHINE!