Xiaomi Mocks the iPhone 6 Plus with Frying Pan in New Ad [VIDEO]



Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, who recently launched its new high-end phablet Mi-Note to challenge the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note, has published a video ad for the new device mocking Apple’s phablet in one design area. The video ad, discovered by Business Insider, was posted by Xiaomi shortly after Mi-Note’s announcement on YouTube and was shared by Singapore-based tech blog Hardware Zone.

“The Chinese company pokes fun at the iPhone 6 Plus’ protruding camera. The video showcases the iPhone 6 Plus throughout the video, but then “improves” it by smacking the phone with a frying pan in order to slim down its protruding camera (ouch).

After the iPhone 6 Plus is clobbered with the pan, it magically turns into a Xiaomi Mi Note, which has a rear camera that’s flush with the back of the phone”.

Well, take a look at the full video below and tell us what you think:


  • Supacon

    Interesting how they are so focused on making fun of the iPhone’s protruding camera when most Android smartphones have always had protruding cameras. It’s completely a moot point anyways if their Mi Note has a worse camera than the iPhone 6’s. I’d be extremely shocked if that were not the case.

  • Jay

    I like how they clearly define their phone as being an iphone …without a protruding camera

  • kiwi

    will never use a Xiaomi even it is given for free, simly don’t trust their QC, I don’t want an explosion at home.

  • Dave

    So they’re basically admitting that they directly copy Apple?

    “Hey everybody, we made an iPhone without the protruding camera!”

  • aaloo

    They have seen how far Samsung got by copying and mocking apple. So they are doing the same thing.