Apple Will Soon Seed OS X 10.8.1 To Devs (Fixing Battery/Wireless Issues?)


According to MacRumors, Apple is already preparing to seed the first Mountain Lion update to developers. This will be labeled build 10.8.1 and is expected to fix a wide-range of bugs. An exact release date wasn’t specified, but it sounds as if it’s coming soon.

As this update will fix many small bugs, there happens to be some larger bugs we hope they attempt to fix too. One bug occurring among a few Macbook and iMac users relates to wireless connection. A MacRumors forum user has stressed about the issue, and many others have contributed describing the same issue:

2010 iMac -i7 2.93 and never had wireless issues. After installing Mountain Lion it won’t stay connected.

I’ve deleted the wireless connection and service, then re-added it, same result. It loses connection after a few seconds to 20 seconds or so. I can turn wireless off and then back on and it will stay on for a few seconds but that’s about it.

The lone other significant bug relates to battery issues. Those who have followed us know that Macbook Pro and Air users are experiencing exceptional battery drainage compared to battery life on Lion. The bug is so widespread that the Apple support forum thread has over 700 replies!

Before you get excited, just know a battery fix isn’t set in stone, check out this post. Earlier we reported that multiple tests on a Retina Macbook Pro were conducted, proving that software on Mountain Lion is causing the battery issue. If this is the actual case, Apple may not be able to provide much additional battery life.

Are you having any issues with Mountain Lion?


  • yearoftherat

    What they should also fix is the Air play mirroring that is NOT available for owners of Macs built before 2011.

  • Apple just wants the $$

  • It’s a hardware issue, but yeah the limitation does suck.

  • I read that. But high-end 2010 Macs can be just as powerful as 2011 models. Feels like being scammed of a feature.

  • The lack of dedicated hardware to process the video seems to affect performance for multitasking compared to 2011 models. There’s no doubt Apple could have included some of the higher end iMacs or MBPs, but they probably thought it would have too much of an affect on overall usability.
    What I’ve read about those using AirParrot as an alternative, the performance has been mixed, with many people experiencing high heat and fans on max to get both audio and video.

  • Gerry

    Sometimes I’d get disconnected from the wireless internet, then it reconnects. So annoying.

  • xxJDxx

    I’m having issues with my external display on my macbook. i get erratic behaviour. Sometimes the display works, sometimes i have to physically unplug the cable and plug it back in to get it to work. Sometimes my macbook sleeps with an external display, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes my audio will also switch to HDMI, sometimes it wont.

    I used to be able to use the ‘detect displays’ button to get my external display to work when it wasn’t. In mountain lion they seem to have taken that feature away, which is quite annoying when the auto-detect system doesn’t work properly.