App Review: aTimeTool for iPhone


aTimeTool is an iPhone device management tool that allows you to automatically toggle on or off various functions that you use everyday.

aTimeTool does require a jailbroken iPhone, so this is not an app you can find in the iTunes App Store. You can find it in Cydia however. You may check out my guide on jailbreaking your iPhone here.

aTimeTool by The MCleaner Team

aTimeTool is a great iPhone device automation app that allows you to toggle on and off the many built-in features of your iPhone. The following is the list of functions that can be toggled on and off automatically:

  • Airplane mode
  • Power
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 3G
  • Edge
  • SSH
  • Location Services

aTimeTool 001aTimeTool 003

How It Works

When you first start the app, you are presented with a blank list area where you will eventually store your commands. Tapping the add button lets you choose which function from the list above that you want to work with, which day you want the function to toggle on or off and the specific time.

You can add an unlimited number of commands from the various functions and days allotted. Deleting commands is made easy with the standard iPhone edit button available on the list menu (or just swipe to delete).

aTimeTool 005aTimeTool 002aTimeTool 006

Convenience & Battery Life

With aTimeTool, you no longer need to manually turn off specific services on your iPhone. If you know you are going to use your iPhone but turn it off when you arrive somewhere, you can set it so that that ‘Power’ can automatically turn off when you have arrived to your destination and then set it to automatically turn on when you leave.

All of this can be customized by day and time, so you can be very specific about when you need certain iPhone functions.

The other obvious benefit of aTimeTool is increased battery life. Since your iPhone is already jailbroken, the battery life may not be as good as it was, so any battery saving features are always welcome.

Setting aTimeTool to power off your device, turn off 3G, WiFi and/or Bluetooth will save your battery life. For example, I know many people who leave their WiFi on unknowingly when they leave home. Leaving your WiFi on will drain your battery very quickly, but with aTimeTool, you can make the on/off automated for WiFi so that when you leave home at an approximate time, you can be assured that WiFi is off.

A Great iPhone App

Overall aTimeTool delivers a very simple and clean interface, easy navigation and a great feature set. Being able to automate some of the functions many of us use daily is very convenient and it even goes so far as to save you some battery life. My only irk is the price tag, which seems a little steep considering that there are free alternatives on Cydia. Although, with those free apps, you do have to manage them manually instead of automated control with aTimeTool.

aTimeTool is scored a 4.5 out of 5.

How to Install aTimeTool

1.) Jailbreak your iPhone (See guide here)
2.) Launch Cydia and Choose the Utilities Category
3.) Choose aTimeTool and Install

Where To Download

aTimeTool is available on Cydia for $5.99 and there is a free 3-day trial upon download of the app.

aTimeTool Giveaway (remember you need a jailbroken iPhone)

For those jailbroken iPhones, I am going to giveaway five (5) copies of aTimeTool today! To win, just comment below on the following trivia:

1.) How can you and your iPhone benefit from aTimeTool?


Winners are chosen at random; Contest ends September 29, 2009 at 11:59PM PST. Contest open to Canada/USA residents only.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the comment entry form or I cannot contact you!

2.) You may enter even if you have won something before. You can win again and again and again! There is no limit on the amount of times that you can win!

3.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do NOT attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.

4.) Winner(s) must claim prize(s) within 24 hours of me sending the confirmation email. Failure to do so results in expulsion from the contest.


  • dashparr

    1.) How can you and your iPhone benefit from aTimeTool?
    I use my iPhone for everything. I always use the Notes App and Calendar App to give myself reminders. For example, if I know I have to pick someone up at 5pm, I'll put it in my calendar and set an alert an hour before. That way, I won't forget.
    aTimeTool would be a great application to save battery life and to also do the thinking for me. I'm flying to Nova Scotia this Thursday, Ontario the following Thursday, and back home to Vancouver on the Monday. aTimeTool would be very handy in setting the airplane mode ON/OFF in advance. We wouldn't want any plane crashes because I left my iPhone on by accident now would we? 🙂
    In the future, i'd like to see aTimeTool set PUSH notifications ON/OFF. That would be awesome!

  • Tenshi

    It seems like a good idea, given that I tend to forget to turn off wifi once I get out of the house! Saves some battery power, that's for sure!

    The only thing lacking for me to make it perfect would be ringer control! Turn it off while I work, on when I leave… I know, it's just a small button but making it automatic would make my day 🙂

  • This would be cool if you could control the brightness…I always set it to lowest at night, then back up during the day.

  • Dusty

    Nice and handy app! Would help on saving battery life.

  • jonshadow

    It will be nice to save battery life and customize how much of the phone is actually used during different times.

  • Edge

    I've been looking at this app. Great tool to save battery life by auto turning off wifi when I'm out.

  • This will be great for saving battery during the night. With the right settings I could have my baby running for 2 days straight with normal use. And it's so damn annoying to turn off stuff before I go to sleep.

  • NoIsEkIlLeR

    Finally! I could sleep and let my iPhone charge beside my bed without hearing it vibrate when an email get pushed in! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Check out MyProfiles from the store.
    It can change most of the same things plus Push and Autolock.
    It can also change ringer settings, and volume, add alerts (for example when mail from someone specific is received) and more.
    It is event driven and events can be things like time of day, charging, low battery, location based or bluetooth.
    It’s a must have for me.

  • dominic_v

    How can you and your iPhone benefit from aTimeTool?

    Being a full time university student, I typically set my iphone to silent before going to class so that I won't annoy the whole class when it rings or I get an SMS.
    The problem is that oftentimes I forget to set it back to not silent mode so I miss calls every now and then.

    Since my entire class schedule is predictable, I could use aTimeTool to have my phone go into airplaine mode during ever class and go back to normal when it's done.

  • Pokieo

    Well the most obvious benefit of the app is saved battery life. But the other great positive is if you have an important meeting on a certain day you can program your phone to power down before the meeting or go into airplane mode. Or for some people they don't get 3G service in certain places so if they know when they are getti g there they can set the phone to disable 3G to save battery life. This app has great potential.

    Thanks for the great contests!

  • wuju

    If i don't want to receive email or MMS or any push stuff while I sleep at night. Do I choose Airplane mode or Power OFF. What does Power OFF do – what is the difference?

    Will Airplane mode On (turning both cell signal and wifi off) prevents email or MSS push stuff alert?

  • To your first question, I would choose airplane mode. That ensures no
    radio signals are used by the device.

    Power off simply turns off the entire device. Similar to the “slide to
    turn off” function.

    The second question, airplane mode ensures no communication signals
    wth your device.

  • ReyT

    I have a fixed schedule during the week and some pretty busy sched during the weekends. I also travel to different provinces at least twice a month, so aTimeTool will definitely be a lot of use turning my iPhone functions on and off depending on what time of the day and where I am at. It's good to be able to automatically turn on location services in the morning leaving home and then after work to catch several bus schedules.

  • GC

    It'd be pretty useful to turn off 3G during regular sleep hours to keep basic call reception. It's too much of a hassle to toggle manually.

  • Our winners:

    – Dashparr
    – dominic_v
    – Pokieo
    – ReyT
    – octavian.petrescu

  • Ex

    Our winners:

    – Dashparr
    – dominic_v
    – Pokieo
    – ReyT
    – octavian.petrescu