Big Win Hockey: Hit The Ice And Take Control Of Your Team [Video Review]


The NHL playoffs are in full swing so I thought it would be a good time to take a look at a hockey app for your iOS device.

It’s called Big Win Hockey and it’s free in the App Store. But this isn’t your typical hockey game. It’s more a card collecting hockey simulator. You’re the team’s GM and coach to some degree and you try to ice the best team possible.

You begin with a starter pack where you’ll get the players needed to put a team together, some booster cards and a uniform card. You name your team and can even customize the names and some info about each of your players.

When it’s time to hit the ice you can choose up to three power boost cards to give your team a better advantage of winning.

After each game depending if you win, lose or tie you’ll gain more fans which equals more coins. More fans also boosts your level. The virtual money can be used to buy more booster packs to improve your team.

Watch my video for a full review and demonstration of all the gameplay – including how you can earn free money to improve your team faster.

Again, Big Win Hockey is a free app, so if you’re a hockey fan you should give this one a try. If you are playing and ever face the Tiburons (spanish for Shark), you’ll know you’re playing against me. That’s actually a point I missed in the video. It sure would be nice if you could play against specific teams. That way you could compete against friends. Or how about trading cards with your friends. That would be cool too.

Let me know what you think of the game and who do you think is going to win the Stanley Cup? I cheer for the Montreal Canadiens, so I don’t really have a team to cheer for, but as I always say “anyone but Boston.”


  • Im_figjam

    My 13 year old son downloaded this game last Thursday because a buddy had it as well. During the weekend without realizing it, my boy burned thru $30 on purchases within the game & his friend $20. Needless to say they’ve both stopped playing the game.

  • And what’s really cool, is that the player you worked so hard to build up can just up and retire.
    Well, not really cool for you, but for the company taking your money it is.
    But the good news is that it has been crashing and glitching so much lately it’ll take a while for you to play too many games.

  • Without realizing it? Do you mean.. You didnt have a password on your app purchases?

    Or is this app really allowing purchases without the need to put in the password?

  • Could explain the “taking your money” comment? When I go to a store and buy something or I pay for a good or service, I rarely refer to it as “taking my money”.

    A lot of people seem to take issue with businesses trying to make money.. as if that wasnt the point of a business.

    Their is an issue here with these sort of games, but it isnt with the fact that they want to make money.. it’s in the actual value of what you pay for. This is what needs to be curbed, not the actual desire for a company to charge for its labor.

  • Henshockey

    This is gay

  • DMister2002

    Hahaha sweet Iam a Habs fan too!!!!!!

  • Grand_masta70

    The game has glitched and lost connection with the server when I try to play a game after i added my big impact cards. I go to check my cards after to see if I still have those big impact cards.. And nothing.. I loose them and I have no idea if a win/loose/tie is recorded. It’s a good thing I don’t pay for cards or I would be pissed off. People put money into the game to have that happen… Thus selling a defective product.

  • Unclejay16

    I’m a bruins fan hate the Canadians. But I do like big Winn hockey my team is so. Boston wildcats. Loocking forward to playing the tiburons


    To kris meador. Hi kris my team is so. Boston I love hockey I’ve played My hole life. This is more like coaching. you guys have done a great job putting big win hockey together. But I buy and sell a lot of cards trying to get the ones I want. And now I’m stuck whith 1,676,320 in coins. Is their any way you could run a special offer so we could buy big bucks whith our coins. I think everyone would agree. please respond thank you