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It’s hard to believe that the 2010 Winter Olympics are less than a month away from starting in Vancouver. It’s going to be an exciting time for the entire city here and you can definitely feel the buzz hit home as the days go by.

When the Olympics start, most people will still be working as usual. If you’re an Olympics junkie, then you will definitely enjoy the iPhone app. This app is created by <strike>the same makers of the TSN iPhone app</strike> Indusblue Inc. and offers an excellent job of keeping track of Olympic news, sports, player profiles, and event schedules.

Currently the app is still in it’s preliminary state but there’s still some useful info available. You can read up on profiles of your favourite Canadian athletes and figure out who to keep an eye on when the games begin. There are Push notifications that you can customize to follow your top 3 favourite countries. When Canada wins a medal, you be the FIRST one to find out in real time!

You will get everything you need from Canada’s official broadcasters which will keep you in the loop. These include: CTV, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, RDS, V, RIS Info Sports, OLN, OMNI, APTN, and ATN. As the Games start, there will be play-by-play feeds and live blogging of events straight within the app.

With the 2010 Winter Games just around the corner, the CTV Olympics iPhone app will be a nice companion for those looking to keep track of the games no matter where you are. I would expect possibly another minor update when the Games begin to tweak and add more features to this cool app.

Go Team Canada! What countries/sports will you be keeping a close eye on when the Olympics start?

Click here to download the CTV Olympics iPhone app.


  • Dusty

    Go Canada Go! 🙂

  • Rednostalgia

    I Live in Vancouver, I Cant wait for the Olympics to End, Complete Tragedy, and were gonna be paying for it for atleast 20 years. There is barely any snow here on the mountains, and in the city theres no snow. its 10celcius here every day. Olympics are Bad!

  • rorypiper

    I'm not an Olympics supporter, but this is a great app for those who are supporters. Live streaming of events would make this app perfect.

  • The Olympics are 24 days away, we need to accept and embrace the
    Games. There may be lack of snow on the mountains but the events will
    still go on. Yes, way too much money spent but let's cherish this rare
    opportunity to host the world!

  • I disagree.


  • Another very cool iPhone App for heightened Olympic fun is Cowbell2010 – a virtual Alpine cowbell that you can drape the Canadian flag (ar any other country's flag) over. Shake your iPhone to make it clamor. App will also have a real-time medal count, Live Wall, and Twitter feed from Olympians. Interesting how technology and social media are bringing us closer to the Games.

  • Actually the information about the same folks making the app and the TSN app is incorrect. The app was built by us at Indusblue while the TSN app was built by a very talented group internally at TSN. We can't take credit for the TSN app as much as we would love to, it's a fantastic app and deserves it's place as the #1 sports app in Canada.


    Dayton Pereira
    Owner, Indusblue Inc.

  • Thanks for the clarification!!

  • Thanks ,it's really feel nice to watch 2010 Winter Olympics on iPhone,i really appreciate the developers

  • what after the completion of winter Olympics Games……..??

  • what after the completion of winter Olympics Games……..??