iCarbons Giveaway: MacBook Pro 15″ Retina – Brushed Aluminum [Winner Announced]


Previously, I have reviewed the iCarbons skins in white carbon fiber for iPhone 4S, New iPad & iPad 2 Smart cover as well as in black carbon fiber for 13″ MacBook Pro & Mac Mini and if you’ve had the chance to read either or both of them, you’d know how pleased I am with these super cool vinyl stickers. However, the magnificence of iCarbons is not limited to these carbon fiber textured skins. In fact, I’m gonna show you how stunning my new 15″ Retina MacBook Pro looks with a Brushed Aluminum iCarbons skin all over it. Take a look!

This Brushed Aluminum iCarbons skin for MacBook Pro 15″ Retina is available for $49.95 and like the 13″ MacBook Pro version comes complete with back, keyboard and bottom skins.

Like every iCarbons skin, this one also fits perfectly around each and every corner of your precious Apple hardware. Check out that Apple logo cutout, it’s absolutely flawless!

The colour of this Brushed Aluminum iCarbons skin blends seamlessly with the MacBook Pro’s aluminum unibody and the Brushed Aluminum texture actually makes it look even cooler than original.

The full body iCarbons skin also includes a trackpad skin that functions as smooth as it does without one on it. There is absolutely no issue with scrolling, multi-touch or tapping whatsoever. I’m sure you’re gonna want one right now so don’t worry, there’s a free giveaway right after the break!

15″ MacBook Pro Retina iCarbons Skin Giveaway:

We have  1 x iCarbons skin for 15″ MacBook Pro Retina to give away. In case you don’t have a MacBook Pro, you can choose any other iCarbon skin of equal or lesser value ($49.95). As always, the winner will be randomly picked who will have the option to pick a free skin in any colour/texture from You can enter the contest in three easy steps:

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  2. Follow @iCarbonsdotcom on Twitter.
  3. Follow @iPhoneInCanada & @DrUsmanQ (thats me) on Twitter so we can get to you via a Direct Message if you win. Otherwise we will have no way to contact you directly.

NOTE: If you also leave a comment below, this will increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to leave your Twitter ID with it.

[UPDATE] Giveaway Winner Announcement:

Here is the Twitter ID of our winner:

  1. @mizichic (Mizi Sarte)

Congratulations to our lucky winner and many thanks to everyone who participated!


  • Icarbons skin are the best and i dont see myself ever saying otherwise. Great review.

  • Brandon

    tweeted and followed 😀 [rstgyx]

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    I love iCarbons skins and your great review.
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    Nice looking skin!

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    I would love one of these for my iPhone 4s. @nhazelrigg

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    I have been searching for a skin for my Retina Macbook Pro ever since I got it. I would just LOVE to win this. Thanks. @applecrumble @DrUsmanQ

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    Thank you for a wonderful gift!! Just broke bank buying one of these incredible MacBooks and didn’t have any more money left to buy a nice protective cover for it!!! Thanks for giving it away! Already following you guys. Following Icarbon: check, tweeting: check!

  • I would so dearly appreciate to have one of these skins… especially for free from this giveaway!!! @Nashafa

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    Need a proper case for my new retina mac 😀


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  • Pick me pick me 🙂 I have a Retina being dilivered on Friday. This would make it perfect

  • Poor medical student here. Please send some luck this way! Either way, have a great day =) @ThisIsJimmmmmy

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