iCarbons Giveaway: Two-Tone Skins For iPhone 5 [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]


If you still haven’t decided whether to go case-free or otherwise with that shiny new iPhone 5 of yours, this might make your decision easier. As any iPhone 5 owner would know, it’s actually the sleek chassis that makes it feel a lot nicer in your hands than any of the previous iPhones. So, using even the thinnest of cases can significantly alter its ergonomics. However, using it without any protection is also not recommended as it can lead to some serious scratching and scuffing, which can happen pretty quickly too. This is where our favorite skins the iCarbons come to the rescue, offering excellent scratch protection without adding bulk to the iPhone 5’s slim profile. And oh, they look amazing too!

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Keeping in mind the iPhone 5’s two-tone backplate, iCarbons have released two iterations of their full body skins for the device i.e solid ($24.95) or two-tone ($26.95). The solid skins on iPhone 5 look just the way they do on iPhone 4/4S while the two-tone skins let you maintain the iPhone 5’s unique two colour look. Both skins come complete with front, side and rear protection.

Another advantage of iPhone 5’s two-tone skins is that you can get additional accents ($5.95) to customize the look of your handset, by simply replacing the top and bottom strips. You get 2 pieces that cover both the top & bottom glass on the back of the iPhone 5 and 1 logo insert that matches the accent color chosen.

The two-tone skins give you endless mix and match possibilities. I wanted to keep the device looking as close to the original two-tone black as possible, so I used black carbon fiber accents with brushed titanium for the back. For the sides, I used the black carbon fiber as well.

As always, make sure you watch the installation video before attempting the installation, especially if you’ve got the two-tone skin. Just be patient, and you’ll end up with a perfect install!

iPhone / iPad iCarbons Skins Giveaway:

We have 3 iCarbons skins for iPhones & iPads to giveaway. Each winner will be randomly picked who will have an option to pick one iPhone or iPad skin of his choice from You can enter the contest in three easy steps:

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[UPDATE] Giveaway Winners Announcement:

Here are the Twitter IDs of our 3 winners:

  1. @turn1
  2. @MChuong94
  3. @Wasimbh

Congratulations to our lucky winners and many thanks to everyone who participated.


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    A carpenter square, X-Acto knife some sharp manicure scissors and a good set of fingernail clippers for the corners and edges. (Also the side strips to avoid 45° squared off corners that will lift and gather lint and pocket shit, DOING THIS ROUNDING EGDES SO NO POINTS IS CRITICAL FOR A CLEAN JOB! ESP if And when cutting side strips. So how this story Happened and I ended up getting so artistic with great results The first day the iPhone come out there was only the lame shields Designed ss That don’t work worth a damn So I bought the bulk three zag skins and cut everything for my phone besides the screen. Looks great and cost 12 for the Invisshield that I put on the back. Cut perfect strips for the sides And finished it off with the SPIG glass screen protector. Best of all u can’t see any of it! With patients And time it’s Now Invisible! I have been doing this for years since this Shelf liner Or automotive Carbon fiber you could buy at Walmart for a dollar. If you’re willing to spend some time you’ll always end up getting a better result. With anything in life

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