Latest iOS 4 App Updates: 1Password Pro, SimplyTweet 3


Even though iOS 4 was released over about a month ago, there are still various apps that have not been updated to take full advantage of multitasking. As time passes more and more apps have been updated to iOS 4. Here are some notables that have made the plunge.

1Password Pro

The amazing team at 1Password has done it again. Their latest major update includes new features and bug fixes. One of the biggest changes was the addition of Dropbox support for syncing your password database! No longer will you have to rely on the old fashioned WiFi sync. I managed to snag 1Password Pro when they had it on a free promo upgrade in the App Store. This is one of must-have iPhone apps and goes amazingly well with 1Password 3 for the Mac.

Here are the new changes:

[NEW] Support for iOS4.
[NEW] Support for iPhone 4 Retina Display.
[NEW] New Auto-Lock options for multi-tasking.
[NEW] Sync with Dropbox.
[NEW] Support for “Lookup in 1Password” bookmarklet on iPad.

Bug fixes and improvements.

Be sure to update 1Password on your Mac to 3.3 before proceeding to sync. I forgot to do this and ran into issues. Of course, their twitter support responded in seconds. Keep up the awesome work guys! Here’s some help if you’re running into Master Password issues:

I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having with your Master Password. We have discovered a bug when you mistype the master password the first time. This issue will then cause the master password to not be recognized at all, even after it is correctly entered.

If you know that you mistyped it the first time, or you get multiple messages that your master password is incorrect, but you know it is correct, please follow this process:

Tap Login
Tap Next
Enter correct Master Password

That should take care of it for you. We are in the process of resubmitting an update to Apple to fix this. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

SimplyTweet 3 – 3.2.1 Released

This was actually released with the iOS 4 update on July 6–but the developer has yet again released another update only two weeks later! SimplyTweet 3 is by far the most powerful and intuitive iPhone twitter app available. Hwee-Boon responds instantly to emails and requests on twitter. Another one of my favourite apps. Click here for the massive bug fix and update list.

What apps are you waiting for to be updated to iOS 4? I’d like to see Words with Friends!


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  • Mike

    Don't you guys sleep? Or are you anxiously awaiting news on its availability in Canada too? 😛

  • Jason

    I still can't believe that none of the 'big 3' have released ANY information yet…. Comming soon is starting to drive me crazy!

  • If they don't announce something today I'd be completely surprised.

  • Roby145

    Common “the big three” announce something. There only a week left!!!! stop holding the information to yourself and let us know some information.

    Proe order, date of availability, prices, plans, etc…


  • Dman

    Well I can answer a few of those for you, there will be no pre-order date, that would have been announced in advance and the release date is July 30th!!!! Pricing should be the same as the 3GS and the plans will be the exact same, except maybe a few promotional limited time plans. Just use your common sense and you will have an idea of what to expect.

  • Mr.Mac

    The big three will never havea preorder date. There is still a small chance that Apple will have one, but the free case thing threw a monkey wrench into updating their website in every country. I think is will be especially difficult for them to come up with case alternatives in Canada at such an early date because most have only just released their cases in Canada and yet the apple website will have to allow for shipping other cases with an order or at least give the option for a free bumper if that's all thy can get here in Canada.
    The one new thing that needs to be offered here in Canada by the big three is a sim only plan like what vodafone in the UK offers. That's what I'm waiting for to be announced. People like myself who buy the unlocked phone don't want to pay $50 for the same monthly deal that a person with a subsidized phone is paying. I'd also love to see that activation fee go away, highly unlikely, but a very annoying fee when you come in and out of this country and $8/month to hold onto a number is a bit high as it would sometimes be more than just reactivating. Why not $5 or $3?

  • Dman

    Yes that would be nice but this Canada were talking about here, we always get shafted when it comes to wireless phones and plans:(

  •  Xaroc

    I'm a little surprised that apple has not updated it's remote app to control your Mac/pc iTunes to support iPad.
    I would love that if they did, looks so bad stretching it out.

  • Matt S

    I bet the only reason the “big 3” arent releasing any information, is because Apple is telling them that the actual date might change due to the fact that they are 'fixing' the defective hardware (coating the stainless steel or w.e)

  •  Xaroc

    Remember how the Apple Engineer got fired for Showing the Ipad hours before the release date.
    Also a News reporter was talking about the ipad, showing off its specs before release, He ALMOST lost his job as well. I bet these reasons are the same as why people are tight lipped. After the gizmodo issue, i dont think people want to tempt the beast again lol.

    These 2 people examples i gave of people getting in trouble can be found on google if you search. If you want confirmation that is 😉