Must Have Jailbroken App: biteSMS


BiteSMS allows you to send a text to anyone from any application with the help of the free tweak, “Activator”. For me I use “swipe to left on status bar” but you can set it to whatever you want. After swiping your finger across the top, a message box will come up and you can type away and after pressing send, you will be back at the app you were before.

Another big feature that it has is the ability to reply anyone without having to switch to the messaging app which is really annoying for the current iOS. You can even have it set up so that there is no pop up but instead have an icon shows up on the status bar. Clicking on it will show you all your text messages in a nice window and clicking on it will again pop-up a message box with keyboard for you to reply.

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The ability to have your own custom text ringtone is another plus because how many times have you checked your phone because you heard a Tri-tone thinking someone texted you? BiteSMS allows you to use any music or ringtone that is already on your iPhone, most likely from iTunes.


There are many more features but these are the main ones I use and they make the iPhone so much more fluent and usable. I sure hope apple takes note of this app/tweak because it is a must have app for all jailbroken iPhones πŸ™‚

You can try it out free for 14 days, if you like it you can buy it for $8.99 US or if you do not mind the ads, you can continue using it.  The ads only show up in the actual app and not in the pop-up compose or reply message box.

Let us know if you have any other must have feature for BiteSMS




  • Weebsurfer

    Other than what you’ve already said, templates are pretty handy for those quick repetitive responses.

    I think this apps functionality alone is the one real reason I jailbreak. Amazing what this phone can do that apple just won’t implement!!!

  • Kenny3535

    Ive been using BiteSMS for like a month now and i gotta say its one of the best jailbreak apps out there !! A MUST HAVE !!!


    I love the scheduling feature. You can have a pre-set time for your messages to be delivered. This is such a handy feature. Now I can schedule event wishes like birthday greetings in advance to be sent from my phone, even late at night right after midnight without actually being awake.

    biteSMS for sure is a must have app for JB phones. It even has a delivery confirmation if you install delivery reports package with it.

  • This is the main reason I jailbreak. This app is amazing, and is always the first thing I re-install, after an update. Running great on iOS 4.3.3.

  • Anonymous

    So is this a Cydia app or an iTunes app?

  • 2vic6

    great app but can get annoying when u dont reply in bitesms…alerts dont disappear on 3G iphone sometimes

  • Nick

    Cydia, and as others have said it really is great. Apple’s default SMS app is definitely behind the times. It’s a real pain to deal with SMS’s if you’re in the middle of something. But with bitesms you can even send a text while the phone is syncing.

    By the way, to activate it I use volume + tap. That’s push a volume button and tap on the volume level indicator that comes up. I think it’s better than swiping on the status bar because the status bar isn’t visible in all apps.

  • iamlynda

    I Love BiteSMS! My husband had to get a new phone and so lost his JB and Bite (haven’t had the opportunity to do it again) and he REALLY misses Bite. Bite and the default sms don’t play nice – he cannot see emoticons I send him from Bite. I didn’t know about Activator – I’ll have to get that set up!

  • People say its coz of Installous they JB their phone, but i am tore between BiteSMS and Installous!

    I been using BiteSMS for over 2 years and loving all the updates, until version 4 or so when non of the new features worked on iOS 3x :[ , well i know who the hell uses iOS 3.x but i guess anyone with iPhone 3G must stick to iOS 3x for efficient usage, but being said that come on why deprive old iOS users!

    Not much option i can think of to improve BiteSMS, as their track record is pretty good and always adds new features. However, i would not mind an option of SMS export per user or account basis for “record-keeping” purpose!

    I truly hope iOS 5 developers taking a lesson from this app on how much versatility an app can offer. And those are unable to JB but wondering what is this all about, then download munchSMS, its the stripped down version of BiteSMS capable of sending paid intl. text messages πŸ™‚


  • Anonymous

    My fav feature in biteSMS is timestamping on individual texts!

  • Anonymous

    I ADORE biteSMS. It’s the first thing I downloaded on Cydia, and the first app I ever paid for. I bought a license within a day of using it.

  • Lj C230

    This app screwed me I was texting some girl and I accidentally sent the message that was meant for someone else to my girlfriend because of that quick reply thunk and it started a huge fight; thanks biteSMS!

  • Lj C230

    I see how you guys work leave all the good comments but when there’s one bad review about the app you decide to delete it.

    Good job iPhoneincanada This is what journalist do right ? Silence the ones you don’t want hear from, you guys just lost someone who used to visit this site on a daily.

  • Invx

    Uh, your comment is still there… Maybe you should hold off on the accusations and just let the page load it.

    Also; your problem was user-error and not BiteSMS’s fault at all. Jeez.

  • biteSMS is an amazing app. Great review Charles. Looks like you hit the nail on the head. πŸ˜‰

  • Yes, that’s right. IIC is a tightly run ship. We control everything. So much so, that your original comment is still below was and was never touched. I think you need to put down the Jack Daniels. πŸ˜‰

  • Yes, that’s right. IIC is a tightly run ship. We control everything. So much so, that your original comment is still below was and was never touched. I think you need to put down the Jack Daniels. πŸ˜‰

  • Sounds like you got confused with the capabilities of biteSMS.

  • Sounds like you got confused with the capabilities of biteSMS.

  • Calgary

    thats your own fault….the quick reply SHOWS who the message is from.

    And i hope this “some” girl was hot, and smart, and funny. Gosh!

  • Calgary


  • Calgary

    you have setup the close button, or push the red “X”, or setup the home to mark message as read

  • Calgary

    Many great features in BiteSMS that aren’t in the regular text messages app.

    *Integrates with TextFreek

    *Able to buy credits to send normal texts (internationally too)

    *Quick reply, quick compose, lock/unlock screen options

    *individual ringtones

    *retry on failed (set number of retry attempts), sent after 1 min and 2 min

    *create templates, schedules, delivery reports
    , signature,

    *set orientation

    *use smileys

    *smart passcode lock (can be set immediately, or after 1/3/5/15/30 minutes)

    *delay sending (so you can cancel message within, e.g. 2 seconds)

    *hide contact

    *use accents/diacritics

    *smarter character counter

    *toggle auto correct on/off

    *show contact pictures, show timestamps on all messages

    5 STAR app for sure.

  • Calgary

    ALSO, i forgot bitsSMS has a feature to prevent this exact problem. DELAY SENDING!

  • Calgary

    ALSO, i forgot bitsSMS has a feature to prevent this exact problem. DELAY SENDING!

  • Drocass

    BiteSms is the primary reason I started jailbreaking my phone in the first place. It’s been around for a very long time and is by far one of the greatest a

  • Drocass

    I agree with rorypiper πŸ˜‰
    Drocass Xaroc πŸ˜›

  • iamlynda

    I’ve been trying to set up Activator for Bite but not having any luck. I want to set up quick compose. Tried several of the options, swiping, home button etc, tried rebooting – I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve looked in the Forum can’t find anything re activator. πŸ™ Can anyone give me a clue? Thanks

  • MrAnonymous

    It would be “great” if it had voice recognition / voice command built-in. Would love to be able to text while driving.

  • Hank

    I also jailbreak because of BiteSMS. The other one is IntelliDial.