NOMAD ChargeKey Review: Must-Have Lightning Cable for iPhone [CONTEST]


Last November we reviewed NOMAD’s ChargeCard for the iPhone 5/5S, a flat Lightning USB cable that fits in your wallet. The company recently sent us their latest ChargeKey, a compact Lightning USB cable (it charges and syncs) for your keychain to test out and after using it for a few weeks, we’re impressed.

We never leave the house without our keys, wallet and iPhone. The ChargeCard, despite its usefulness never made it into our wallets. It’s thin, but still too ‘thick’ for our liking. This is where the ChargeKey excels. It is literally the size of a key and fits onto your keychain which guarantees you’ll always have a Lightning cable with you—plus it’s incredibly light.

Chargekey package

The ChargeKey comes in simple packaging but is extremely well built. It’s flexible and the plastic is very strong and sturdy. The best part is the hole to attach to your keyring is thin enough to make removing it very easy.

IMG 5964

The cable is strong enough to hang, flex and bend. During a recent Super Bowl party our iPhone 5s was running low on battery (of course). Luckily, with the ChargeKey I was able to charge my iPhone by plugging it into the USB port on a friend’s TV—hanging—without any problems (just don’t try it with an iPad!). Despite not being certified as MFi, we had no warnings or issues with the cable while charging.

Chargekey review

Chargekey review2

As for some downsides to the ChargeKey, time will tell to see how well the rubber holds up to continuous flexing. Also, being so small when it’s not on your keychain it can be easy to lose. It’s not MFi certified so its future could change should Apple change things up for third party cables.

The ChargeKey is moderately priced at $25, which is a few dollars more than what you’d pay for a Lightning USB cable from Apple, but more expensive than other third party options. The website offers a $2 off coupon if you perform social network ‘action’ (i.e. ‘Liking’ them on Facebook, etc). Shipping is free if you order two or more and right now there is a backlog on orders still.

For new ChargeKey owners, the package details three easy ways how you can earn a bonus ChargeKey for free (we aren’t at liberty to reveal it) by spreading the word.

At the end of the day, the ChargeKey has become one of our favourite iPhone accessories to date. Knowing that you have a Lightning cable with you at all times is a powerful (and satisfying) thing especially when your iPhone battery is running low. Highly recommended.

Click here to learn more about NOMAD ChargeKey.

One More Thing… 

Wait. We’re not done. NOMAD has graciously donated one ChargeKey for readers! This contest will be easy. All you have to do is leave a comment below explaining why you want one. Contest ends in exactly one week on Feb. 19 at 3PM PST. Good luck!

Update: Congrats to Rainer Stevens for winning our contest and everybody for entering. We’ll have another great contest coming up soon! We’ll be in touch!


  • Angeus

    It’s the most innovative lightening cable charger! Will save me on a long day when I run low on battery

  • AdrienneDLR

    Would be awesome to have so I don’t need to turn brightness down to 10% on high usage days 😉

  • Rainer Stevens

    I would really love to win this. Please pick me.

  • Justin

    This accessory is a must-have for someone on the go. It would really benefit my long days at the office! It’s just an added bonus to have it fit on my keychain.

  • alan

    i need one because my iphone always craps out at the worst time

  • Kevin P

    this will be a nice accessory for my future iPhone

  • Tyler

    I’m a flight attendant, always away from home, dock, plugins. This would really help me throughout my day. Cheers!

  • C Pak

    This is something I am considering to buy.

  • Martin

    Want and need one since my daughters take my cords! Help!

  • ef4ervescent

    i frequently find my battery low before the end of day. this would be incredibly handy to keep my phone charged.

  • chico

    i’m a gamer, i need the juice.

  • wolaowu

    I kept forgetting to take my lightning cable with me, with cable on keychain, I’never forget it again:-).

  • sgmah

    I travel often for work and half the time I forget to bring that lightning cable (and so expensive to buy another). The NOMAD ChargeKey is perfect and I never forget my home keys!

  • Wynncy Manalad

    I want this chargekey because of its design. Being able to bring it with me anytime, anywhere are the convincing factors that this is one great companion for an Iphone user like me.

  • dan

    i want one cause i currently don’t even have a charger for my iPad mini and iPhone 5 i use my neighbours everyday lol

  • barnak77

    I want this ChargeKey because i love gadget! … And i love too!

  • Jonathan

    I want it for work

  • Ron B

    In today’s fast paced hustle and bustle, it’s become increasingly more important to stay in touch and connected.
    The ChargeKey is the perfect companion to make sure that your device will always be at the ready when you need it most.
    Streamline and simplify is my motto, and this product fits the bill perfectly!

  • Greg Beck

    My battery keeps dying

  • Matmazza

    Been looking for something like this for so long! But I’m a student on a budget :/

  • Brandon Pereira

    My wallet is like my phones battery, empty 🙁

  • Kelly Janz

    My 5s desperately needs this.

  • ECBomb

    Being a guy, I don’t often carry a bag with me (females can put it in their purses/handbags), so carrying a charger or cable around is annoying. This would be really convenient and I’d be able to help spread the word for NOMAD products 🙂

  • Mike W.

    My iPhone 5s dies everyday mid day, please please please please please pick me to end this madness…. #PleaseAndThankYou

  • Michael Bennett

    My phone keeps dying and I don’t yet have another lightning cable (have about a dozen 30pin cables of course). Would love to have one in my wallet!

  • This is exactly the thing I’ve been waiting for in order to charge on the go.

  • ohtmeal

    I’m the only one with a iOS device with lightning port and am left helpless when my iPhone’s battery runs out. It’s a scary, thrilling experience every day to live like this.


    Oh I so need this ChargeKey. I am constantly using my iPhone 5 and always run the risk of running out of the battery. This will be a life saver for me.

  • Brian K

    My iphone wants it badly…

  • Chris

    Can use an extra charging device as my cat put a claw through my lightning cable that came with the phone and its on its last leg.
    On a side note, keep up the great works guys 🙂

  • RaulFranko

    I am always looking for an iPhone 5 charger, and it’s always so frustrating not having one. If I could just have this on my keychain. Things would be so much easier for me. Thank you iPhoneinCanada and NOMAD!

  • Jellicoe01

    Easier to hide from my kids. I’ve replaced my iphone cable 4 times already.

  • Rob S

    As I roam around the beautiful capital city of BC I am always taking pictures of the beautiful sights! Frozen fountains at the parliament buildings during a rare cold spell, blooming flowers a week later, or maybe my dogs swimming off Dallas road. Living here it’s easy to see why my battery drains, so getting one of these charge keys would be great!!!

  • Prez34

    The charge key would help with my “nomad” nature

  • Sheldon Torres

    The “nomad” will be handy for charging my iPhone5 while I beat Flappy bird! Muhahaha! Muhahaha!

  • Lyle Demery

    I want one because it would cement my status as a hip senior citizen.

  • Dave P

    Using the NOMAD ChargeKey plugged into my Rasberry Pi keeps everything compact and easy to store while on the road.

  • jaqstew

    I really need one of these as my grandsons keep taking my iPhone 5 cable and I am too old to fight them for it.

  • Corey Beazer

    I need one for the office

  • Winston Lee

    Charging cable on the go. Why not

  • Halopend

    I’d use it to charge my phone when it needs a top up on the go.

  • tomm

    It would come in handy for those times when the iPhone is running low on battery, there is a USB plug, but no cable. Having in on the keychain would be so handy.

  • Pete L

    Nice and portable, would love one.

  • bosch

    For my wife as her iPhone is “always” low on battery…

  • Scooter McGavin

    Because I always find myself needing a little more juice without a cable. To have one in my pocket at all times would be stellar. Please pick me!

  • Dave Truman

    I’m new to the world of iPhone so just have the one cable it comes with. Very interested to try out this as a secondary charger!

  • Kelvin Young

    I travel a lot and can never have enough juice in my iPhone 5S! I’d love to have a small enough cable to carry around with me everywhere I go

  • JT

    Work demands my phone. My phone demands battery! A nomad would help keep me charged up! Cheers

  • Mad4flying

    February 19th is actually my 37th birthday! This would make an awesome birthday present.

  • Roy DonovN

    Is love one , can never have enough batter in the road and I read this blog Everytime. 3 times a day please let me win

  • dan

    I’m constantly at my girlfriend’s house (which is good). We used to share iPhone 4 cables but i just got a 5c (banana colour) and now can’t use her charger anymore. It would be great to have one on my keychain instead!

  • John H

    I want one so that I know I always have a charging cable with me wherever I am.

  • sg89

    Flappy bird an candy crush addictions are killing my battery!! HELP ME…please? lol
    Thanks 🙂

  • Joseph

    I would love the honour of winning the Nomad Key. My gf and I have been following your site for more than 4 years, and she recently broke my lightning cable closing the car door on the car charger, ripping the cord pretty nicely. She feels bad and wants to buy me a new one, but I’d love if she didn’t have to spend more money. Thanks iPhoneInCanada! 🙂

  • MarkMorrison1976

    I bought an awesome battery case that isn’t MFi certified, which necessitates carrying a special micro-USB to non-MFi adapter/cable MESS! I need this solution! Must have!

  • mattyu007

    I would love to be able to pair the ChargeKey with the external battery pack I carry around to keep my iPhone charged up.

  • pearldj

    im tired of having long cords to have to carry with me this will be so much easier and i understand they are guareteed for life i like that

  • teeslee

    I always need to charge up my phone and would be great to use at the office

  • Howard Wong

    Would like one cause its so convenient and discreet.

  • Nick Frühling

    I’d get a charge out of it.

  • Jeremy Vautour

    This minimalist would love to stop carrying around an entire cable in his jacket everywhere he goes 🙂

  • MTMavPhee

    One can never have enough charging cables.

  • Charles Au

    This convenient device will be perfect as I travel frequently and this is one less cable to pack.

  • Felipe

    I charge my phone 3x a day. I NEED THIS!!

  • Josh Hughes

    I am a ginger. I have been told all my life that I do not have a soul and have been kicked on National Kick a Ginger day. What say you on turning that luck around and giving this soulless man a nifty charger?

  • spin56

    I always seem to run out of power when I am on the go.

  • Gregor Connell

    Just like the Canadian Womens Hockey Team…I am going to “charge” from behind in the last dying (battery) minutes and with the renewed energy from my nifty card charger – I will be victorious with my renewed energy…”NOMAD-AH”…What!!!!