Skype Monthly Subscriptions: 15% Off Till Sept. 22th


Do you make a lot of long distance calls? If you do, then you definitely should be using Skype on your iPhone. With the various Skype Subscription plans, you can make unlimited calls to landlines/cellphones for low prices.

Rogers currently charges $0.35/minute for long distance Canadian calls. That can add up, but if you have a Skype Subscription plan you’re going to save big time. For $2.99/month, the plan I’m subscribed to allows me to make unlimited calls to Canada/USA (we’ve talked about this before). Now that the Skype iPhone app can make calls over 3G and WiFi (before it was limited to WiFi, and we had to jailbreak to get calls over 3G), there is no reason to not save.

15% Off Monthly Subscriptions Till Wednesday, September 22th

Skype has a promotion for 15% off monthly subscription plans if you sign up for a year. Normally, it will cost about $36 for one year, but with the discount you’ll be paying about $29, or about $2.40/month! If you talk 8 minutes worth of long distance with Rogers, that could pay for an entire month of unlimited long distance calls with Skype! It’s a no brainer.

This plan is awesome if you have friends or relatives across Canada and the USA. But the cool thing is you can make these unlimited calls no matter where you are. So when I was in Seattle with my wife during the summer, calls home were very easy. Find a Starbucks, use their free WiFi and make Skype calls home. Insane long distance roaming charges avoided!

You can also add Caller ID that will show any cellphone’s number by adding Skype Credit.

If you have a 3rd gen iPod touch, this will work too as all you need are Apple headphones with a mic. It even works on my iPad.

Click here to check out the Skype Subscription plans. Jump on this before the discount ends on Wednesday!

Update 1: Changed to 15% off, the website discount is different for the Can/US plan. Edited the expiration date.


  • Anonymous

    I believe the numbers are off for a year subscription. When you buy a year it is typically 15% off anyways. My total last year came to $30.05 CDN I believe.

  • Charlize

    Skype doesn’t work on iPhone 4, correct?

  • Lvarano

    No skype in number, no deal. I had to pay 2.95 a month, plus $10 a month from a third party. I get 1000 min a month with fido for 5 bucks.

  • Anonymous


  • themode

    I bought the long distance package above about a month ago. It’s great but call quality is a concern. Whether it be on WiFi or 3G you’re not guaranteed that the person on the other end of the call will be able to always hear you. I’m not saying this will happen every time but you may not want to depend on this for business calls.

  • Anonymous

    Same here. I got 15% off on a yearly subscription back in March. Even without the discount, it is still a great price for unlimited long distance calling to CDN/US. I am still using 3GS with OS 3.12 jb and using Skype via 3G works well for me in Toronto. Call quality is clear. I just have to remember to disable push notification before making a call.

    Thanks again Gary from bring this to our attention. I saved a lot of $$ while in NYC over the long weekend.

  • Guy_computer

    Skype works perfectly on my 3g and my wife’s iPhone 4. I have there 30.00 us/canada plan. Using it for more than a year. It is the best. Works well on 3G as well.

  • You’re welcome and enjoy!!

  • Thanks, edited. Skype’s initial splash page shows 20% off, then it changes to 15% off for the USA/Canada plan.

  • D168

    Sept 20th is a Monday.. today… not Wednesday..?

  • John Biehler

    It’s also worth mentioning that once you subscribe you can also set your caller id number for Skype via a couple of SMS messages from Skype to confirm your number. This means when you call from anywhere in the world, the number you’ve set is displayed to whomever you are calling rather than the generic skype number which may result in people not taking your call if they don’t recognize it.

    Only problem is that in order to set your number, you need to have skype credits to do it. It costs about $0.50 in SMS charges (from Skype) to set the number and there is no way that I’ve found to simply pay that amount other than to purchase a skype credit – the smallest amount being $14! So if you’re interested in subscribing to Skype you should purchase the $14 credit FIRST then subscribe to a monthly plan (or pay for a year at once to save even more). Then deduct your monthly fee from the credit.

    I learned the hard way that you need the credit to do the SMS.

  • Thanks for the Caller ID reminder, totally forgot to mention that part. Added to the post. My Skype Credit in conjunction with the monthly plan is awesome. The credit is great for calling numbers outside Canada/USA.

  • JfromK

    I like iCall, look for it in the App Store. Listen to a 10 second advertisement and then it dials your free 5 minute VoIP call anywhere in Canada or US… Caller ID, you can use your own phone number or a generic iCall number. If the call is going to take more than 5 minutes. I ask them to call me back! heh.

  • cwh

    So I assume roaming has nothing to do with skype calling then?

  • Anonymous

    Skype uses your data connection only. And data is free across the country as long as you are on your providers network. Once you are off your providers network then roaming charges apply. But say you are on Bell, Telus, Rogers…. Using data in Vancouver one day and then in Montreal the next day doesn’t charge you one extra cent. Unlike voice calls…

  • Scarymon

    Will this plan work if you’re in Homg Kong and want to call Canada?

  • Yes. It will work anywhere as long as you have WiFi (or data).

  • Anonymous

    I used Skype on WiFi after crossing the border. There were a few Tim Horton’s that offered free WiFi plus a lot of Starbucks along the way. I also used free WiFi in NYC. Once I got back on CDN soil, I just followed what draz said.

  • cwh

    So using this over 3G will still suck your daytime minutes? Good to know, I thought it would be just like wireless since you are using the data connection over 3G.