How To: Get Google Maps On iOS 6 With Original App Icon Via Web [Tutorial]


Apple decided to pull the original Google Maps app from iOS devices starting with iOS 6 in order to introduce its own Maps application. However, majority of us would give anything to get it back as the default maps application for iOS. While a standalone app for Google Maps still hasn’t made it to the App Store, a web-based version of Google Maps can always be used as an alternative.

To make things slightly better, some installable web profiles on iOS seem to retain the original icon for Google Maps on iPhone as well as allow the Google Maps web app to run in fullscreen mode (via BenGuild). Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you’re running iOS 6.
  2. Click the following link corresponding to your iOS device.
  3. If it asks you for a password, enter your device’s passcode to confirm the install.

Of course, the web-based version of Google Maps is far from perfect, but this does allow it to run fullscreen and retain the original icon. Wouldn’t hurt trying it out!


  • Skylar


  • the icon is the same but the map is worse then the apple one…..

  • draz

    Thanks for this. The performance of Google Maps Web Edition is fine on the iPhone 5. It’s pretty terrible on older iPhones though.

  • Garret

    It won’t find my location anyone else having this trouble?

  • draz

    Yes it is a downside to this. But if you don’t care for the icon or full browsing then will find your location correctly

  • reformcanada

    People that updated to iOS6 have only themselves to blame. It was a well known fact that Google Maps was not included and it should come as no surprise that Apple Maps are useless! It is a test release and those that updated to ios6 are the experiment of Apple’s failed experiment.

  • Jonduke19

    And people who bought the iphone 5?

    I prefer buying an awesome iphone than keeping Maps…

  • Personnaly, I’ve installed “Waze” a couple of days ago and I found really nice. I did not found any error in Montreal yet.

  • Honestly, I’ve been using Apple Maps for almost two weeks now (the last three days on the iPhone 5) and I don’t have the problems everyone is talking about. I live in Calgary and would’ve expected that it was as awful here as others were reporting but it’s been fine. It’s not perfect but neither was Google Maps.

    Furthermore, I was stoked for Apple Maps simply because of turn-by-turn and it’s worked great for me so far. In fact, I purposely went off the suggested path and to my surprise, it re-routed instantaneously.

  • M Chan

    It still has its issue… Go Search for Glenmoore Trail…. (yes with the extra o)

  • Xywix

    All of you claims apple maps isn’t that bad, you drive cars… If you rely on Torontos subway and busses system then google maps is te shit. Apple maps doesn’t come already installed with all the subway, bus and streetcar routes and times of departure. That’s why I’m not buying the ip5 or iOS6 🙁
    I really wanted an ip5!

  • JPro

    I had the same problem, but then I restarted the iPhone and now it works

  • Fredrico

    In the same boat in Vancouver. I’m a grad student without a car, and need my transit directions… glad to see apple trying hard though. It seems like this is a top priority, so I hope there is some sort of fix soon, even if they put Google Maps in the App Store for now.

  • Thiago

    I live in toronto and just got back from montreal… I was staying at the holliday inn at sherbrooke, i punched the search for holliday inn and it took me all the way to the east…
    I was searching for SAQ in atwater and it took me to a totaly different place. Apple maps suck a big time… I miss the street view from google!!!!!!