iPhone 4 Carrier Unlock Almost Ready


Yesterday, reports indicated that the iPhone Dev Team had a Spirit-like jailbreak almost ready that would jailbreak all iDevices running iOS 4. This was great news for those users who have used Spirit to jailbreak 3.1.3 and were unable to jailbreak 4.0.

Now, once again, Dev-team member MuscleNerd provides a new update on the progress of the iPhone 4 carrier unlock. The update indicates that unlocking the new iPhone 4 is coming along well and is almost ready.

The baseband-unlocking code used by the Dev Team on all generations of iPhones, ultrasn0w, must be rewritten for the new iPhone 4. The reason for this is because Apple has updated the baseband on the iPhone 4.

Next step is to keep the task backgrounded like we did for 3G/3GS Backgrounded task is the unlock.

Fortunately, in Canada, iPhone 4 customers that buy the device outright at full price will have their iPhone factory unlocked. However, if bought on contract, the device will be locked to the chosen carrier, making an unlock a valuable tool.

With the progress being made, hopefully a working jailbreak and unlock will be ready by the time the iPhone 4 launches in Canada.

[Redmond Pie]


  • Alsarraf M

    keep up the good work dev team

  • excaliburca

    … but will the new upcoming jailbreak be itself broke when Apple sends out the anticipated update to fix their reception calculation issues?

  • Maverick Lam

    Way to go DEV TEAM. Go job.

  • BC

    the dev team will most likely wait for that fix to be released before they release the jailbreak to have maximium life of each hack making each jailbreak last longer

  • JMCD23

    Excellent news!

  • That would make sense

  • ColPat



  • Ex


  • ColPat

    So when they announce the release date will the pre order option be that day or like a week after? I just had an interview with Apple because I think they are recruiting for the iPhone launch which means my only option of getting the iPhone 4 on launch day would be a pre-order if i get the job there? So say the iPhone 4 comes out on July 23rd, will the pre-order option be like July 13th?

  • Ex

    You have a lot of specific questions. So my answer is, watch this blog and you'll know the information you need.

  • Dave

    Seeing how it is July 7th and we are still left in the dark on Canada's release, this seems more interesting than usual…

  • Gp

    i can tell you i currently work at an apple store and got hired in may and we are still hiring mainly cuz we need staff we have gotten no iphone 4 info as far as a specific date or anything, if you work at apple you get preference on product launches so no need to preoder unless u dont get the job lol but best of luck to you

  • Ex

    Interesting that you have received no information yet….you must be a
    specialist or equivalent. We have received reports of launch day plans,
    schedules, and related news so far, all of which were from Apple connects.

  • Ex

    All in good time.

  • Anthony dc

    Well here's something that comes as no surprise te iPhone 4 may indeed get delayed until august or even September. My sister works at fido and was told apple is getting sued bigtime with all the problems regarding the iPhone 4. And all the shortages of them. She is more than certain that it will be delayed

    Here's a terrible stat. There is a 70% suicidal rate for workers at the factory who make the iPhones. Not surprised with all the high demands.

  • These guys never cease to amaze me.

  • Guest

    70% SUICIDE RATE…. where did you get these stats…. what an idiot….

  • Ex


  • JohnPre

    Hi EX;

    My question is, the preorder should be aviable one or two weeks before the ipone launches that why it is called preorder, right?

  • Gp

    I am a specialist, our current scheduling goes as far as next week, we were told we werent going to be able to book off from the 20th on but again no specific date for a launch anyhow either way i keep checking here for info i love this site 🙂 and if i get anything that may be helpful ill let you guys know

  • Ex

    That's correct.

  • Ex

    Also, check your BOH area for roped off areas for the iPhone 4.


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  • ColPat

    Which Apple Store are you located at?

  • Ex

    This would be unwise to answer.

  • AG

    Ex, you mentioned that you work at an Apple store and know info about a release, what can you tell us from what you've been told, about a specific dates and such? Obviously we don't expect you to tell us where you work or anything like that….but I assume we will be getting information soon anyways, so if you could tell us something, that'd be awesome!

  • Ex

    I said we have apple connects. Not employment with Apple

  • Gp

    Telling you my location would be a very bad idea cause that would get me into a lot of trouble and boh seems normal i dont think theyre hiding any iphone 4 in there YET lol

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  • Doug

    I can’t wait!…lol I just got a iPhone 4 for x mas but I cant unlock it yet for t mobile =[ make this Xmas my best Xmas !