AnandTech Reviews Apple Watch: “Best Wearable I’ve Ever Used”


Despite AnandTech founder Anand Lal Shimpi ‘retiring’ from his website to go work for Apple last year, his publication continues on.

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His team has published their lengthy, technical review of the Apple Watch, with the article by Joshua Ho and Brandon Chester calling the smartwatch “the best wearable I’ve ever used,” but still difficult to recommend the first generation product:

For those still deciding on whether the first Apple Watch makes sense, I have no reservations in saying that it’s the best wearable I’ve ever used. However, at the same time I find it hard to recommend this first-generation Apple Watch. It’s clear that there are far too many obvious areas to improve upon, areas where Moore’s law will help to dramatically improve the experience. In the case of smartphones, Moore’s law made it possible to deliver true all-day battery life and fluid app performance. After spending a few months with the Apple Watch, all I can see is a need for more compute and battery life, like what happened with smartphones.

If you’ve got some time, this is definitely a review worth reading. Check it out here.


  • Léon

    Not related to the article: Gary, any way to disable this updates notification widget that is permanently on in the lover right corner of every page on the site? It is quite intrusive, especially when the article is zoomed in. The widget zooms in together with the page contents to the point that it partially covers the text of the article. It may be useful to some but I usually go through all the new articles posted daily anyway so I don’t have any use of it. It’s just a hindrance and would be nice to have the option to turn it off. Also, the problem with App Store redirect is still here. Upon almost every page load I’m automatically redirected to the App Store and some crappy game. Is that piece of code injected in the page by the outside advertiser or are you guys Rickrollin us with this VEGA Conflict game? 🙂

  • Hi Leon,

    Thanks for your feedback. That widget is in a beta phase, we are going to do something about it so don’t worry.

    Lol, we are trying to pinpoint the problem with the redirect, it’s a third party ad network that is the culprit and we will stop it. So far, one redirect link we saw was related to Blind Ferret Media, which we’ve contacted and they mentioned they could block our site from their network.
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  • Léon

    Good to know you guys are on it. This redirect thing is very sneaky on their part, not to mention irritating. I can’t get an URL on iPad because as soon as the page loads it automatically opens App Store, without any other intermediate website. But I can supply a screenshot of the game. Here’s another one:

  • Tim

    What are your impressions of the Apple Watch, Gary? Do you still like it, or are you of the same mind that it’s a first gen product in need of improvement?

  • After using it since the launch, I still love Apple Watch. It has made me move a lot more and stay more active. I think the fitness impact of Apple Watch has been overlooked by pundits.

    While apps are tedious to load, that should change once developers make native apps. Battery life has been phenomenal, as I usually have 40% or more leftover after a full day of usage. The build quality of the Sport model is very good and has resisted water, bumps and knocks.

    How are you liking your Apple Watch?