“All-New” Apple Watch 2 Coming This Fall; Original to Get Upgrade: KGI


KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has deep connections within the Apple supply chain, allowing him to issue relatively accurate research notes on the iPhone maker’s future product plans.

In his latest note, obtained by MacRumors, Kuo sheds more light on what we can expect with Apple Watch 2, predicted to launch in the latter half of 2016.

Here’s what’s going to be included in this “all-new” second generation Apple Watch, according to his sources:

  • Faster processor made by TSMC
  • GPS
  • Barometer
  • ‘Superior’ waterproofing
  • Larger capacity battery
  • No LTE support until 2017

The screen sizes are expected to remain the same, along with the thickness of the device and overall form factor. Despite the next-gen Apple Watch is expected to include thinner display technology, no major design changes are expected. The extra room from a thinner display may be dedicated to increasing battery life.

Earlier rumours from Asian publication Digitimes have also claimed Apple Watch 2 is said to arrive sometime this fall.

Apple Watch Set to Get Minor Upgrade

Kuo also shed more light on the original Apple Watch, which he says will get a faster TSMC-made processor upgrade and also ‘superior’ waterproofing, also set to launch in the latter half of 2016 (via MacRumors)

Overall, the original Apple Watch will still retain its original design and other features, but just get a processor upgrade, unlike the GPS, barometer and other new features set for the Apple Watch 2.

The original Apple Watch has been criticized for having poor performance (slow loading apps; poor Siri performance, etc), but upcoming watchOS 3 is set to change that. If the first generation Apple Watch gets a processor upgrade and a price drop—expect them to sell like hotcakes during the holiday quarter.

What’s on your wish list for Apple Watch 2?


  • johnnygoodface


    1) Faster processor made by TSMC
    Current Watch should be fast enough with WatchOS 3
    2) GPS
    I don’t need that
    3) Barometer:
    Interesting for climbers or else, but for weather there’s an app for this..
    4) ‘Superior’ waterproofing
    Never had any problem, even in pools
    5) Larger capacity battery
    Always has about 30-50% left each day
    6) No LTE support until 2017
    Now that would make me buy it

    So I might skip this one and go for the 2017

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Like the addition but LTE is an absolute must. I too might wait until the 2017 model with LTE. Not sure yet.

    Can I just get the watch and use the same bands I have now?

  • Joe

    I haven’t owned an Apple Watch yet, but I’m not really sure why everyone wants an LTE watch.

    For me the GPS is huge so I can use Find iPhone. I’m not sure I want LTE though. I pay enough money to Rogers as is!

  • Sounds like the bands will be compatible still.

  • Better be worth the upgrade if it’s going to cost $549 CAD for the 42mm Sport again!

  • GS

    How would LTE work on a watch? are there any options now where you could have a second SIM linked to your account or a sim with some minimal data each month? Also, how would you envision yourself using it?

  • sukisszoze

    I can’t see them having a slot for LTE card and made it waterproof..may be a built in LTE chip where the SIM needs to be activated. May be like iPad Pro where some models have a built in LTE chip I think…then you have to register that SIM and pay $10/month to use adding an iPad?!?

  • Z S

    Excellent. I’ve got a Pebble Time, but between having some Homekit devices now and ApplePay being here in Canada, I’ve been really itching to get an Apple Watch. I’ve been holding out for a second-gen Apple Watch.

  • Z S

    I don’t see the appeal of having cellular in a watch. It’s certainly not going to replace my iPhone… and I certainly don’t want another monthly bill.

  • Z S

    Agreed. GPS isn’t super necessary, but it would speed things up. 3G/LTE seems pointless… I wouldn’t want to replace my phone with a tiny little watch. I want one to compliment the other.

  • Kirk

    If this comes to light…my wallets not ready for a new phone AND watch… But who am I kidding..

  • Don’t forget new MacBooks! 😛

  • johnnygoodface

    I do for Apple Pay. For this to work, of course, it would require developping a “virtual” SimCard on the watch first. This new virtual SimCard would share the same iPhone’s data plan. Me too I don’t see myself paying for a second Sim.

  • Quattro

    I can’t imagine the current watch selling lot hot cakes when the price is dropped.

    I would have hoped for more sensors. I’d rather have a thinner design over a battery size increase.

  • Quattro

    WatchOS 3 doesn’t make the current watch faster. It’s just a simulation of speed increase by preloading a few commonly used apps. Consequently, WatchOS 3 is now a memory hog.