Apple Watch Trade-In Program Offers Up to $225 in Canada, Now at Retail Stores


Apple recently expanded their trade-up program to Apple Watch, offering customers instant credit or an Apple Store Gift Card. The program has widely been available for iPhone and iPad, but now it is available for Apple Watch users in Canada.

Apple watch trade in program canada

Users have the choice of trading in their Apple Watch at Apple Stores, where they will get instant credit towards the purchase of anything in the store, or trade-up online and get a gift card.

Right now, estimated trade-in values offer up to $225 CAD for your Apple Watch, depending on model. Here are some sample prices of what some models could be worth:

  • Apple Watch (1st generation) – Up to $95
  • Apple Watch Series 1 – Up to $95
  • Apple Watch Series 2 – Up to $225

Our Nike+ Series 2 42mm Apple Watch came in with a value of $160 CAD. Of course, the watch is worth much more by selling locally on Craigslist, etc. Do note this is just for the watch itself and not bands, which you will keep.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Gerry, staff at the Apple Store at Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket told him the store is now accepting Apple Watch trade-ins.

Apple is using third party partner Brightstar to handle their Apple Watch trade-in program. These types of trade-in programs are geared for ease of use, for those who cannot be bothered to deal with punters on used classifieds.

Earlier today, it was rumoured an all-new design for the smartwatch is expected to be unveiled later this year, according to one Apple analyst.

Let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of this trade-in program for Apple Watch.


  • Olivier

    Cool, was just about to change my Series 0 for a new one.

  • Gerry Lee

    Thanks for the shout out in the article. :0) Yes, we were just talking about Apple Watches and they ended up doing a trade-up quote on my 1st Gen Stainless Steel.

  • Kris

    My 1st generation Sport 42mm gets trade-in value of $60. Seriously? It still works beautifully with absolutely mint condition and no scratches, so I can sell for probably between $150 – $125 on craigslist. No point trading if you got the same model as mine.

  • lauriloo

    Mine got $75 estimate. But considering I keep the Milanese loop band it’s not awful. The band is pretty pricey. I save $100 getting the stainless body with a sports band on the new watch so it’s really $175 trade (not counting the value of the sports band I would replace.)

  • Joonyaboy

    Pretty standard for trade-in programs. Usually about half of what you can sell it for. Thing is there are lazy people out there who would rather trade it in and not deal with the hassle. Or maybe not lazy, just richer than I am.

  • Olivier

    I get 95$ for my 1st gen 38mm ?

  • Amit


  • Amit

    I would love to buy your watch , would h like to sell ?

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Don’t forget that series 3 watches are 10% thicker than Series 0 and 1 – so the new watch might not fit under your sleeve if your current one just fit before. And series 2 watches are 8% thicker than Series 0 & 1.

  • Sam Hurd

    I had to go and check. literally couldn’t tell any of the newer models were any thicker than the original. they’re all crazy thin.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    It’s easier to tell the difference if you put the watches next to each other with the bulging side down. A lot of the thickness is hidden in the bulge.

  • joe smith

    It’s not 10%. In the keynote they specifically said it was 2 sheets of paper thicker and that is only true for the LTE model.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    They’ve increased the thickness twice since the S0/S1. Roughly 8% thicker case on the S2 and then they added another 2% total thickness and hid it in the bulge for the watch your talking about – added up, it comes to 10% thicker since the first few models.

    Ever look at the watch in profile – it looks closer to the profile of a ballon than a Swatch. If they keep this up it’ll end up being a sphere in a few years.

  • Peter Whitworth-Hilton

    Doesn’t paper come in a variety of thicknesses?

  • Chrome262

    I like my series one, and when I got it 2 was out, but didn’t see it was worth the extra money. 3 is interesting,, but not sure I should trade, it works great and is less then a year old. what does 3 haver again besides water resistance and gps???

  • MPugh

    I recently upgraded from Series 0 to Series 3, if I didn’t know there was a difference in thickness from the keynote I would have never known in real life. The S3 is CRAZY faster than the S0 though. I can’t believe I waited so long to upgrade.

  • MPugh

    I recently sold my 14 month old Series 0 Sport on eBay for $140, netted about $120.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Yeah, the designers are really good at hiding the extra thickness. Since you upgraded from the watch I have now I’m curious, do you feel the bulge digging in to your arm any more than before? What apps are you now using that you weren’t using before due to how slow they were?

  • MPugh

    No, I’ve not felt anything digging into my arm with either watch.
    The workout app was painfully slow before if I started music on my phone before starting the workout app (which is my routine). The BMW app for my i3 would basically not work at all. I really didn’t use apps much with the old watch because they would take forever to load or respond; I mostly used that watch as a watch that received some notifications. Now I am using apps more often, HomeKit, a 3rd party Hue light app, sleep tracking and I love Cardiogram.

  • Chris Neves

    So… someone paying $1250 for a first gen. Hermes Apple Watch with a leather strap gets the same trade in value as someone who paid $350 for a aluminium model with sport band? Not really fair to be quite honest.