You Can Finally Order Domino’s Pizza in Canada on Apple Watch [u]


For fans of Domino’s Pizza, you can now place orders from your Apple Watch, as the company updated the app yesterday to bring new powers to your wrist. Never again will you be forced to reach into your pocket for your iPhone to place an order, as you can now “tap to reorder your Easy Order”.

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The Domino’s Pizza app supports both English and French, displaying the proper language setting automatically based on your phone’s settings. It will let users order pizza online from over 410 locations, coast to coast, while the app itself supports Apple Pay for in-app payments (update: Looks like Apple Pay in-app payments was removed at some point, as it’s no longer available).

The Apple Watch app gained pizza tracking back in April of 2016.

Despite the app’s ability to track your pizza order in real-time, it still needs to be updated for iPhone 6 displays or newer, according to reviews in iTunes, which average 4.5 out of 5 stars, from 7100 ratings.

Currently coupon code 8545 will get you 50% off your order, and expires September 3, 2017.

Click here to download Domino’s Pizza Canada for iOS in the App Store.


  • Richard Neufeld

    Hey Gary, Apple pay with the dominos pizza App doesnt work for us here and its not listed on the app details either when downloading. does it only work in certain locations?

  • Hmm, looks like they removed it at some point. It worked before as I had tested it when it first launched. Updated the story. Thanks

  • erth

    How was the pizza Gary??? I love the GF!!!

  • Lol, rarely eat Domino’s nowadays, used to eat a lot more during university days (pepperoni and tomato ftw).

  • Yeah, Apple Pay strangely didn’t last very long with Dominos. I tried it when it first launched too, but I seem to recall it disappeared about a month later — months before Apple Pay even fully rolled out in Canada — and hasn’t come back since.

  • I’m not sad about this, but if I was a starving student probably I’d be up in arms right about now.

  • Cornfed710

    ?Pay was removed from the app after a couple days.

  • Cornfed710

    It was removed because they were having trouble with the payment processer. You’d use ?Pay and the store couldn’t tell that you had paid and would want me to pay again. Happened twice, then they removed it to never bring it back 🙁