How to: iPhone SIM Card Removal

Believe it or not, the moment I had my iPhone opened and unlocked a week later, at first I wasn’t sure how to remove the SIM card from the iPhone! It is concealed pretty well near the top of the iPhone and one would not know how to remove the iPhone SIM card unless someone showed you how (or you did some Google’ing). Well, for those new iPhone in Canada owners out there, or for those thinking of driving down to the US to buy one, check out the following to learn how to remove the iPhone SIM card!

How to Remove the iPhone SIM Card

As you can see from this illustration, you will require a paperclip. Just stick the pointed paperclip into the tiny hole near the headphone plugin, and the SIM card try will pop out. Just push the SIM card try back down, and you should feel a slight *click* when you push down. That means your SIM card try is nice and secure.


Here’s a video of a CNET editor removing his SIM card tray. I don’t have my Canon SD400 digital camera with me to take my own video, so hopefully this one will help illustrate the simple process on how to remove the iPhone SIM card tray! 🙂

Invisible Shield for iPhone

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