Pocket Guitar: Guitar Hero on the iPhone!

…well not really, but it very well could be the closest thing! If you haven’t installed this by now, you need to do it ASAP! This is one of my favorite 3rd party applications for the iPhone. It’s called Pocket Guitar and it’s been available for the past little while on Installer.

Pocket Guitar plays like a real guitar and even though the sounds are recorded, they sound pretty decent. It can take some time to practice at first, but I was able to bust out a few notes from the classic, “Ode to joy” successfully!You can increase/decrease the volume and even choose which guitar you want to play.The settings let you choose from:

  • Distorted Guitar
  • Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Electric Bass


Here’s a little video to demonstrate Pocket Guitar. A YouTuber’s rendition of Sting’s “Shape of my heart”:

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