BestSkinsEver iPhone Review: Total Body Skin *CONTEST*

Did you just recently get your hands on a brand spankin’ new iPhone to use in Canada with Rogers or Fido? Well, if you did, congrats! Some people like to use the iPhone without any case, but others like to protect their $400US+ investment. One of the best ways to do that is to buy an InvisibleShield to put on your iPhone.

Another way is to look at a competitor of the InvisibleShield, which we’re going to check out today. The company is called BestSkinsEver and their full body iPhone shields are made with the exact same plastic as the InvisibleShield. There is a difference though–BestSkinsEver is no frills, whereas with the InvisibleShield you get a lifetime warranty should anything happen to your shield. Also, there is a large price gap between both products–$7.99 vs $24.95! Let’s take a look at our mini review, shall we?

How to Install the BestSkinsEver iPhone Total Body Skin

Since I already have the InvisibleShield full body skin on my iPhone, my BestSkinsEver review has been slightly delayed because I had to get my hands on another iPhone. The iPhone I did get my dirty paws on belonged to a buddy of mine. He already had a nice screen protector he bought from the Apple Store, so we decided to only go ahead with the “body” install.

The install was pretty straightforward, and was very similar to the install of an InvisibleShield. I made my own soap solution (one TINY dab of dish soap mixed in with water in the InvisibleShield spray bottle) and applied it liberally to the film. Remember to spray your fingers before peeling the film to prevent fingerprints.

This install took just as much time as patience as the invisibleSHIELD install. The corners are by far the trickiest part. You have to make sure you press down and HOLD without letting go for at least 3-5 minutes. This will ensure strong contact onto your iPhone.



How Does BestSkinsEver Compare with the InvisibleShield?

After installing the back portion (there are also pieces for the Home button and the top and bottom silver bezel pieces), and comparing both the feel and touch to the InvisibleShield, here are my conclusions:


  • The BestSkinsEver feels a bit thinner than the InvisibleShield
  • The film once applied, looks a bit more “clear” compared to the InvisibleShield
  • Environmentally friendly packaging (an envelope)
  • $7.99 versus $24.95–BSE is much cheaper


  • No frills packaging (an envelope) saves you money–but your film could be damaged in the mail
  • The corners are not protected as well as the InvisibleShield
  • No lifetime warranty like the InvisibleShield
  • No included “solution” spray or squeegee

BestSkinsEver has a good product on their hands. It’s comparable to the InvisibleShield and BodyGuardz (which is coming soon for a review!), but at a fraction of the cost. The install was pretty much the same as the InvisibleShield, but if I didn’t have the tiny spray bottle from my InvisibleShield to use, it would’ve taken longer. I felt the corners could have been more protected on the iPhone, but that’s just me (check my pictures).

if you order 3 or more skins, worldwide shipping is free. Their shipping rates are very reasonable ranging from $1.00-2.50US, depending on where you are in the world and number of skins ordered.You will find a never ending debate on many internet forums about which one is better: BSE or the InvisibleShield? The answer to the debate can only be decided by someone who has seen both.

I would say both seem equal in being able to protect your iPhone. However, I feel that the corner pieces that come with the InvisibleShield protect better, plus the lifetime warranty is a very nice bonus (along with their 30 day money back guarantee). The squeegee and spray bottle is not necessary, but it will make your life a lot easier and is a nice touch. The one big advantage of the BSE is the price. If you’re on a budget (if you can afford a $399US iPhone, you should be able to spend a bit more to protect it!!!) the BSE is definitely for you. A cheap price plus reasonable shipping costs will make you happy.

My buddy was very happy with the BSE install and enjoyed the new grip. Have more questions about BSE? Read their FAQ for more info.

BestSkinsEver Giveaway Contest!

BestSkinsEver was gracious enough to send me some extra full body protectors! This means more prizes for you–my loyal readers! There will be 8 lucky winners when this is all said and done! It will be open to iPhone owners worldwide (provided the shipping cost is within reason!). One entry per person please.

The contest will begin today, Monday February 4th, and end one week later on Monday, February 11th at midnight! Entries will have their names entered into a random draw and 8 lucky people will be chosen!

How to Enter My BestSkinsEver Contest Giveaway:
One entry: post a comment below about why you want to win to win a BestSkinsEver for your iPhone!

If this is your FIRST time commenting, it will not appear right away–it will be waiting in moderation (this prevents spam!). So please, only post once! It will appear shortly!

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