Fix Installer “Package Download Failed: Can’t Find Host!”

If you’re using Installer to install 3rd party applications, one of the things you need to keep on top of is your list of Sources. Sometimes when one of the sources has changed, it will affect the way you install programs. This post is a response to a couple emails I’ve received lately (I apologize if I have not responded to your email just yet–I need to eat sometimes!).

Once problem that I have run into in the past is getting the error message from Installer that says “Package download failed: can’t find host!”. It took me a while to search and figure this one out, as I thought it would fix itself over time. Anyways, the problem is because of Ste Packaging’s updated URL. Since they changed it, Installer gives you an error as it can’t find the apps to install.

How to Fix “Package download failed: can’t find host!” in Installer

  1. Launch Installer. Go to Sources.
  2. Click EDIT…and then delete the old Ste Packaging URL
  3. Click EDIT…then ADD…type in (case sensitive!)
  4. Click OK then press DONE
  5. (Optional) Go to Install…go to the Sources category…then install/update Community Sources. (this will help).

This worked for me…so it should work for you. However, there have been cases where after following this fix, it still does not work for some people. Make sure you type in the URL above exactly as shown–it should be case sensitive! If you’re going to try this, let me know if it works in the comments! Have a good weekend everybody!

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