Review: PDO ( TopSkin for iPhone

You just purchased your NEW iPhone–and you feel great! What’s next? Well, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are “I need a case!”. Well, today we’re going to check out a review of the PDO TopSkin silicone case for the iPhone.

What’s Included in the Box?

Most silicone cases attract lots of dust. It really depends on the the quality of your silicone case. The fine folks at PDO mailed me a few cases to review. With their TopSkin, after immediately opening the package I noticed the silicone was very thin and the feel was not “sticky” (as some cheap cases are), but rather had a “smooth” feeling to it. Also, all PDO cases come with an antiglare screen protector! This is a quality protector that is very thin. It has two sheets that need to be peeled prior to applying it to your phone.

How is the fit on the iPhone?

What about collecting dust you say? Well, in my opinion every single silicone case, will attract dust. Heck, my InvisibleShield attracts some dust too. It really depends on the quality of the silicone and where you have your iPhone stored. The PDO TopSkin attracted some dust, but for the whole the feeling is pretty smooth. Compared to my previous cheapo silicone case, this one definitely rocks.

The fit is pretty snug and all buttons are functional. The iPhone feels solid and safe inside this case. There is a flap at the bottom that will allow you to charge via the cable (docking is out of the question). A removable belt clip is also included on the back of the case. Don’t worry about the inside scratching your iPhone–it’s padded with foam material.

Pros and Cons of the PDO TopSkin for iPhone

  • Pros: silicone grade is above other cheap brands, included screen protector; fits snug like a glove
  • Cons: belt clip one removed leaves two exposed holes on the back; no room for docking the iPhone

Check out the full gallery below and see for yourself. There are pictures of the PDO TopSkin silicone case from pretty much every angle. It’s pretty clear this a good candidate for an iPhone case. iLounge picked this case as part of its 2007 Best of the Year Awards.

PS – The winner of my InvisibleShield giveaway will be announced tomorrow. Thanks to all who entered–stay tuned!!!

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