BodyGuardz Full Body iPhone Case Review

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What case are you using with your iPhone? Is it a silicone case? If that’s the case (no pun intended) then you should strongly consider switching to the latest fully body protective shields available. Have you checked out my InvisibleShield and BestSkinsEver reviews? These cases offer you excellent protection for your iPhone–just don’t drop it!

Today I’m going to review BodyGuardz, which will round up the big “3” companies that are currently in the iPhone film/shield market. The interesting thing to note about BodyGuardz is that for $25, you get two sets of full body covers! That’s right, you get an extra set for later, so you don’t have to reorder. That cuts the cost down to $12.50/each, which is very good considering the InvisibleShield is $25 for a set, and the BestSkinsEver is $8.

What’s included in the box and other features?

  • 2 sets of BodyGuardz full body covers
  • well-sized solution spray bottle; plastic card squeegee
  • Instructions are on the box
  • 30 day money back guarantee ($5 restocking fee applies)

iPhone Fan’s verdict on the BodyGuardz for the iPhone

After installing the InvisibleShield on my iPhone, the BestSkinsEver (BSE) on a friend’s iPhone, and now the BodyGuardz film on my sister’s iPhone, you’d think I’d be an expert by now. Well, I do have to admit with so much practice, installing the BodyGuardz was pretty straight forward. We only installed the back portion since my sister wanted to keep her front film purchased at the Apple Store.

I spent about 45 minutes installing the film to get it perfect. The corners are obviously the areas that take more time, but as instructed in the following video, it gets easier once you want for the solution to dry up a bit, which makes it stick better to the iPhone.

The corners are not as well protected as the InvisibleShield (IS), but I did notice the BodyGuardz shield is a tad bit clearer compared to the IS and BSE. So I have to say the BodyGuardz takes the cake for being the clearest out of the three by a small margin–you have to look closely.

Which one should I buy for my precious iPhone?

Well, the ultimate decision lies in your hands. The InvisibleShield has the best corner protection out of all three, it has a lifetime warranty, and a 30 day moneyback guarantee (no restocking fees), comes with a squeegee and solution bottle. The BSE arrives in your mailbox in just an envelope–you come up with your own squeegee and solution (water + 1 drop of soap). The BodyGuardz comes with two sets of shields, a generous sized spray bottle and squeegee. Corner protection is good, but not the best, plus they have a 30 day money back guarantee ($5 charge).

Personally, I would opt for the InvisibleShield (it’s worked out great on my iPhone), but the BodyGuardz would probably be put on my iPhone next if say for example I need to change my protective skin (but I hopefully will qualify for the lifetime warranty with the InvisibleShield). It’s a very close race, as the BodyGuardz application looks “smoother” than the InvisibleShield.

img_0399-small.JPG img_0407-small.JPG

But maybe it just looked that way when I compared both because the installation was still drying. Take a look below…can you tell which iPhone is sporting the BodyGuardz and which one has the Invisible Shield?———–okay fine, here’s your answer: BodyGuardz on the left, InvisibleShield on the right.


You can scour the net for InvisibleShield vs BodyGuardz vs BSE debates. iLounge named BodyGuardz one of the 2007 products of the year, which says a lot. Stuck on what case to buy? Read the reviews, make your pick and place your order–it’s that easy! Here are the rest of the pictures…


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