Update: Canadian iPhone Trademark Status

When is the iPhone coming to the Canada? We don’t know! However, if the following update on the Canadian iPhone Trademark status gives us any hints, it should be here soon. We just don’t know when!

As some of you may already know, a Canadian company named Comcave owns the trademark for “iPhone” in Canada. Comcave is in talks with Apple on trying to settle this name dispute, which has been one of the reasons why the iPhone has not been launched in this great country of ours.

Here’s a snippet of the Canadian International Property Office (CIPO) website, which shows that the trademark application was updated on March 25th, 2008. Looks like there will be a final report on this sometime this summer around June. Pretty interesting stuff–let’s see how this will play out:



Code Description
5.7.13 Apples
5.7.23 One fruit
27.5.1 Letters presenting a special form of writing
27.5.17 Letters in heavy characters
(1) Handheld mobile digital electronic devices for the sending and receiving of telephone calls, electronic mail, and other digital data; for use as a digital format audio player, and for use as a handheld computer, personal digital assistant, electronic organizer, electronic notepad, and camera; computer gaming machines, videophones, prerecorded computer programs for personal information management, database management software, electronic mail and messaging software, paging software, database synchronization software, computer programs for accessing, browsing and searching online databases, computer software and firmware, namely operating system programs, data synchronization programs, and application development computer software programs for personal and handheld computers; software for the redirection of messages, Internet e-mail, and/or other data to one or more electronic handheld services from a data store on or associated with personal computer or a server; software for the synchronization of data between a remote station or device and a fixed or remote station or device; full line of parts and accessories for mobile telephones; mobile telephone covers; mobile telephone cases; mobile telephone cases made of leather or imitations of leather; mobile telephone covers made of cloth or textile materials; batteries; rechargeable batteries; battery chargers; chargers for electric batteries; headphones; stereo headphones; in-ear headphones; stereo speakers; audio speakers for home; personal stereo speaker apparatus; microphones; car audio adapters; downloadable files featuring musical, video, and audio-video entertainment and books, plays, pamphlets, brochures, newsletters, journals, and magazines, on the subjects of sporting and cultural activities and a wide range of topics of general interest; hand-held unit for playing electronic games.
(1) Telecommunication access services; communication by computer; transmission of data and of information by electronic means, broadcasting or transmission of radio and television programs; provision of telecommunications connections to computer databases and the Internet; electronic transmission of streamed and downloadable audio and video files via computer and other communications networks; web casting services; delivery of messages by electronic transmission; provision of telecommunications connections to electronic communications networks, for transmission or reception of audio, video or multimedia content; streaming of video content, streaming and subscription audio broadcasting of spoken word, music, concerts, and radio programs, broadcasting prerecorded videos featuring music and entertainment, television programs, motion pictures, news, sports, games, cultural events, and entertainment-related programs of all kinds, via computer and other communications networks; providing on-line bulletin boards for the transmission of messages among computer users concerning entertainment in the nature of music, concerts, videos, radio, television, film, news sports, games and cultural events; communication services, namely, matching users for the transfer of music, video and audio recordings via communication networks provision of information, consultancy and advisory services of all the aforesaid services; provision of access time to the Internet for accessing websites featuring multimedia materials; providing access time to the Internet for the purpose of identifying, locating, grouping, distributing, and managing data and links to third-party computer servers, providing online bulletin boards in the fields of music, video, film, book, television, games, and sports for the transmission of messages among users, and providing consultation services relating to all the aforesaid.

Thanks to iPhoneWorld for the heads up!

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