How to Install NES 2.0.5 + ROMS on your iPhone

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Probably one of the BEST apps for the iPhone is the NES emulator that I reviewed a while back. Anyways, I am sure you are happy to know that a new version has been released. It’s version 2.0.5 and it brings improved gameplay–which means games are no longer chunky and somewhat playable now!

How to Install NES 2.0.5 + ROMS on your iPhone

  1. Launch Installer. Under the “Games” category, install NES.
  2. *edit* Sorry everyone, the source URL has been corrected, I made a typo and added an “s”…sorry about the confusion. It should work now. Happy Early April Fool’s Day! =)
  3. Click on Sources along the bottom and add the following source: …click OK and refresh Sources.
  4. Exit back to the homescreen. Go to Settings–General–Auto-Lock and change it to 5 minutes. This will allow the next step to download completely without the iPhone turning itself into sleep mode (if that happens, you’ll have to install it again).
  5. Under the “Games” category, you will find “NES Roms”, version 1.20, 5.9MB which is basically Bigboss’ popular NES ROM pack. Install. Exit to homescreen. Launch NES, and that’s it! Play away! 🙂
  6. Enjoy the screenshots (Bubble Bobble rocks!):
  7. nes_20_iphone.jpg nes_20_iphone2.jpg nes_20_iphone3.jpg

Thanks to Lonman06 for the Source URL!

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