OtterBox Defender Series iPhone Case Review

One of the first things new iPhone owners think about is “what case should I buy for my iPhone?”. Well, the first thing that came to my mind was a silicone case. However, silicone cases are bulky, dusty, and they hide the beauty of your iPhone (enter here for a FREE PDO Leather case). That’s why I’m currently using an InvisibleShield, along with many other iPhone in Canada readers!

What about MORE protection? Well, I’ve come across a couple cases from OtterBox that pretty much impressed me big time. The first one we are going to take a look at is the OtterBox Defender iPhone case. It’s water resistant, super slim, the touch screen works great, and all the buttons are accessible (except for the silent switch; more on that later). Let’s take a closer look at this case, shall we? 🙂

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone Case Review – What’s in the Box?

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The Defender case from OtterBox is part of their new line up for the iPhone. It will hold your 8GB or 16GB iPhone snug inside a hard plastic shell, then covered with a high quality silicone cover, giving it superior protection from the elements. Also there is a thin, plastic cover to protect your iPhone screen. The sensitivity still works perfectly (even through my InvisibleShield!). The case engulfs your phone and protects it from sand, dust, dirt, and rain (it’s not fully submersible in water though–that’s when the Armor series comes into play).

How Easy is the Installation?

Installing the iPhone into the case was very easy. The plastic cover comes in two pieces. The phone fits in, then the other cover goes on top and snaps into place. Next up, slide the silicone cover over and voila! The case is very slim and feels solid to the touch. It’s well built and I would feel confident dropping my iPhone inside this case onto the sidewalk from waist high and not even worry. The protection is really that great! You gotta see it to believe it. Watch the following video:


The Final Verdict?

This case would be perfect for those who are using their iPhone in places of high dust, dirt and debris (think construction, by the pool, beach, etc.). The holster with belt clip is adjustable and clung nicely to my belt. There are covers for the headphone jack and the bottom charge port. Full protection baby! OtterBox cases are definitely the “Mercedes” of iPhone cases out there–they are built like a tank.

There is a tiny downside and that’s the lack of access to the “silent” switch. However there is a quick fix for this. Just use the volume keys to lower the volume manually to “off”, and if your iPhone has vibrating turned on, it will act as the same thing. It can be a hassle to do this, but honestly this go around takes 5 seconds to fix! =)The OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone is a case that is very high quality and offers full protection for your iPhone. However, for this quality and full protection, there is a cost. The Defender series retails for $49.95, but honestly you do get what you pay for. If you’re looking for just any regular case, then an OtterBox is not for you. However, if you really want to kick it up a notch and protect your iPhone from the elements (wind, rain, dust, drops), then investing in an OtterBox case is something I would strongly and vehemently consider.Special Offer for readers! Use coupon code” target=”_blank”>IPHONECANADA for 10% off your order from! Coupon expires June 30, 2008! Don’t delay! See, there are benefits to keep up with my blog! =)
This case gets the first ever… iPhone in Canada Editor’s Choice Award – Best Protection from a Case!

Here is the rest of the photo gallery…enjoy! Visit by clicking here.


Click here to visit the OtterBox website! Protect your iPhone investment…

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