iPhone Firmware 2.0 Update: Save Safari Images, Location Tracking, and More!

You might have remembered my original post regarding the first look at the pre-release of beta iPhone firmware 2.0. Well, Apple has slowly been releasing updates to the pre-release beta 2.0 firmware to developers. With each update there have been some new features that seem to make the iPhone even better than it is now. Let’s quickly summarize what we can expect…

Save pictures in Safari: You will be able to save pictures within Safari browser to your camera roll by holding down your finger on an image. A pop up screen will prompt you to click “Save Photo” or “Go to URL”. Cool!

Live Location Tracking: This will take the “Locate Me” feature in Google Maps to another level. As you’re moving, a bouncing blue ball will track your movement within Google Maps. In essence, this makes the Locate Me feature act more like a GPS.

Improved Javascript performance: According to Celtic Kane’s benchmarks, Javascript performance within Safari on the iPhone has increased by 35%!

Contact Search: Now, you can search within your contacts. This will make it much easier to find numbers as I know many people have 100’s of contacts.

Embedded YouTube support: Tired of seeing that blue question mark instead of an embedded YouTube video? Well, that will change once 2.0 comes out. Now you will be able to watch videos in the YouTube app by clicking through–awesome!

We don’t know when the iPhone will be coming to Canada. However, most people have predicted that it will be announced this summer. I have received a tip via email that the iPhone will be offered here by Rogers in 90 days, a 3G version that will be on firmware 2.0. According to this source there are 50,000 unlocked iPhones in Canada at the moment. The source of all this info? A tipster who’s friend works very high up in Rogers. Yes, I know, another crazy rumor to add to the mill. Let’s wait and find out!

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